Friday, December 16, 2011

I wish to hear a love story...

I wish to hear a love story. Real. Simple. Pure. A love story which did not just happened out of mere need or want or even passion but was delicately destined in the womb of the universe. A story which is more beautiful than God’s finest creations-rains, stars, butterflies, roses and rainbows. A story which is its own exemplary, into this earth but just out of this world! A story which does not tells about love at first sight. Instead portrays how it lasted till the last breath. A story where there is no separation or dying together but undying togetherness and a longing to live more (obviously until God’s own will). A real story which is dreamier than all the alluring dreams there could ever be. I wish to hear such a love story where two hearts are glued with utmost honesty and mutual respect. A story whose essence can ne’er be captured by camera or woven into words. A story where there’s no first, second or last but one, just one –a ‘one man woman’ and a ‘one woman man’ ideally made for each other. A story where love reflects care and care reflects love. A story where the relationship is above any earthly thought or material desires. A story where pain of one trickles down through the eyes of other, bliss of one doubly shimmers on the lips of other. A story where life itself is a romantic song and living is dancing to the tunes of it. I wish to hear a love story where charm at 59 is more imposing than that at 21. A story where there is a silent promise of being always there and an implicit commitment for other’s well-being. A story where the two laugh together, play together, dance together, sing together, dream together, work together, eat together, pray together………live together ………in resonance. A story which talks of love between two very beautiful people(beautiful you know?) swinging in the sea of love adorned with islands of trust, innocence, wisdom, compassion, understanding and everything angelic you can think of. I wish to hear such a story where even knowing the two lovers can bring you close to your own love. A story which can rekindle your faith in humanity. A story which can wet your eyes and distill your heart. A story which can strike few chords of your inside violin. A story where two splendid souls make a perfect couple and you fall in love with the duo. A story which is not a matter of few minutes or hours or even years but starts from forever and lasts till eternity. A story which every guy or girl would wish to be his or hers. A story where the benevolence of two is not only limited to them but to everyone around. Yes a story about two good people in the best of intimacies.
                     In the current bad-new-times I wish to hear such a love story……….I really wish……………!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Few illustrations....on living!

-        Rohan has always inherited his elder brother’s books, clothes and even toys. Seldom is it that he gets a new one owing to financial crisis in the family. But ne’er has he lodged a complaint. In fact he welcomes every ‘change’ with a broadened smile and (seemingly) enthused attitude.

-        Yesterday was Mr. and Mrs. Mathur’s 25th wedding anniversary. To no doubts there wasn’t any celebration except that the couple went to a temple and Aarti prepared ‘Matar-Paneer’ for dinner. It’s their eldest (of the three) daughter’s marriage in a month. Lots of work pending. Mr. Mathur’s eyes gleam with an echoing contentment as he espies the white, shiny, newly purchased i20 in his verandah (the only four-wheeler). Yes, the one he is gifting to his daughter. He (with his family) had let go umpteenth small little pleasures, everybody knows, for the big day.

-        Radhika started tailoring in her house a year ago. Now she gets enough orders that can suitably finance food for her family, books for her two children, clothes twice a year and may be a little more sometimes. Her husband was a security guard in some agency. But after a rigorous accident he couldn’t stand on both legs and was obviously thrown out of the job. Though he tried various other options but nothing really worked. Frustrated, he cursed his disability destiny. It was then that Radhika took the responsibility. And she is doing pretty well today. Shyam,................. her husband, does the household chores. Though Radhika insisted she’ll manage but he never allows her except to do the dishes. Laxmi helps her father in the kitchen when she is done with her homework and daily studies. Shyam also does all the outside work. He often goes to the market to get grocery and stuff….stationary and toffees for the kids and not to forget…………colorful threads ………… and beautiful bindis ………………..for his wife.

-        Simran has just typed her resignation letter. Her husband works in a reputed MNC in Bangalore and has a handsome package. Simran also worked in a software company in Pune. Nah, not for riches but she was ambitious like many others and wanted to make it big. Recently she has been blessed with twins. There’s no one in the relations except her father-in-law. ‘Family comes first’, she understands. ‘May be some other time’.

-        Aayesha had to settle for a mediocre college, though she knows she deserved better; Paras couldn’t get into his dream company; Reehan lost in the battle of love…..but today ……………………they all have "moved on" in life! ………….”It just ain't possible to explain some things.  It's interesting to wonder on them and do some speculation, but the main thing is you have to accept it--take it for what it is, and get on with your growing.”(Jim Dodge)
. . .

Life is less about Stars,Butterflies and Rainbows …………..and more about Compromises, Adjustments........ and Acceptance!

PS:Illustrations are all real.However names are randomly chosen.Please overlook.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A November night

It was a quiescent November night. Cold and murky. I was standing by my window in my most comfortable attires. The not-so-notorious clouds had bedimmed the gems of the sky .Not even a single star could be spotted in the ambit of my pertinent vision. The milieu was all motionless, dormant. ’Twas as if nature too was slipping slowly under the masquerade of darkness akin to its people who were already in slumber land. There was no gushing of winds, no chirping of birds, no rustling of leaves, no twinkling of stars, no noise off-lying, no, absolutely nothing! Despite there was a unique harmony in the atmosphere, an unusual luster in the sky and a magical symphony in the silence.

 The street lamps were lit in the wake of travelers if any .But, in vain. The roads were all deserted. However the warmth of their yellow lightning was quite soothing to their sole spectator. The only movement was of my eyeballs scanning the whole surrounding. And the only clamor was of the transaction of oxygen and carbon dioxide my lungs were monitoring. Surprisingly my mind as well as heart was dried of thoughts. No dreams. No planning. No to-do-lists. There were no regrets from the day before and no expectations from the day after. There was no yearning to fly high and touch the sky. But …………..a natural, involuntary wish to just walk……..walk endlessly barefoot on the road ………….and to feel and see and stare and listen….anything….perchance everything.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Dream Job(s)

It all began when I was in I-D and had to write an essay on 'My Class Teacher '. Surprisingly,for the first time I got a full star on it.Since then‘Teacher-Teacher’ (and not 'Ghar-Ghar') was my favorite game and I earnestly wanted to be one. I was hell excited to write ’very poor’ in the copy of my students ,to scold them and make them stand on their bench and to take them for picnic in ‘Hathi Park’(revenge you know,revenge :P). The other reason was that I’ll get to wear my mom’s high heels, beautiful sarees and can even use her makeup kit. *wink*

But then unfortunately, in a year or two(class III or IV) my love for cakes and pastries and chocolates out weighted my earlier zest. It was when my mom denied me a pack of chocolates saying ‘Daant kharab ho jaayenge” and on the spot I decided to own a Bakery shop one day.I often pictured myself supping blackforests and temptations all day long. (Slurp! Slurp!) When I told about my 'dream project' to my uncle he explained (after LOL-ing) how I’ll be at loss and that one day I’ll run out of money to buy more stuff for my shop. The clever me had an intelligent solution to the big problem-“Papa is always there, no?”But bade log ........ bade log. He put forth “Why not do something else, earn enough money and buy yourself lavishly all what you desire?” Well, how in the world could you win an argument with a stubborn child?(I mean you don't need to study more for being a shopkeeper plus you'll get to eat so many mouth-watering things whenever desired plus you can have TV in your shop to watch Pogo all time plus you can have holidays anytime every-time and blah blah blah).Poor Uncle Scrooge!

All thanks to DD-1 for diverting my mind. During those days (class IV or V) it featured one serial called ‘Aarohan’ which had Pallavi Joshi as a Navy cadet. I followed it strictly. Her ‘Washing powder Nirma’ washed ultra white uniform, smart looks, never-give-up attitude and stern patriotism intrigued me to be like her. The blue waters and the mighty ships were no less captivating. Opposite to Pallavi was a handsome hunk who was an air force pilot. He was so damn cute.His eyes, OMG what brilliance they had.Ummn…but soon the series ended. Studies began. My childhood fascination was thrown into a deep slumber. Slowly and steadily I forgot him, I mean Pallavi joshi…ehh…I mean ‘navy-mania’. The only thing I remembered then was that chemical formula of water is H2O.Whatever!

The intelligent me soon realized that I had to earn enough money(something like 30 thousand 40 crores 25 arabs 19 thousand 2 hundred 63 billions and 55 rupees :P) to meet all basic necessities of life- roti,kapda aur makan internet, shopping and bank balance. Nonetheless the frequency and range of my ‘Dream jobs’ was apparently quite high. It varied from tourist guide to bank manager, from pilot to interior designer and from astronaut to astrologer. It kept changing and changing until I landed on the highly overrated ‘High school’ landmark. At this stage I don’t know from when, where and how I came to know that I have to be an Engineer IITian and should struggle hard for the same in 10+2. But,in vain.(No,no regrets today!!)

As to this date,  I’m on the verge of being graduated as a “Bachelor of Technology’( a non-IITian to be more specific),that too placed in a business firm. :D

It’s like,
‘Many’ roads diverged in a wood
I took the one ‘most’ travelled by
& Still thinking to make the ‘difference’!!.....:)

Did I told ya that my un-dear and dear ones always had a feeling that most likely I would be a doctor. I wish they knew that it takes me around half-an-hour to intake one 250mg tablet that too with a bottle of water and a packet of chips! Heha!!

So this was the whole twined transition.God bless my unstable mind.Howbeit,a happy heart is all that matters in the end,no?

~keep smiling

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want you to cry tonight

Today I won't droop your shoulders
with the burden of indefinite hope
Neither would I crumple your eyes
to another aura of sleepless dreams.
I won't blabber philosophies today
'It's Destiny','Move on','Such is Life' and so on
Nor will I sink in the sea of emotions
to wet you in the showers of sympathy.

Instead I want you to cry tonight,
Yes do that,it's a begging plea
reel of your pain,let tears tumble down your cheeks
which might be aching owing to fake smiles
Don't make your wounds rot 
Don't pretend as if everything's okay when it's not,It hurts
Don't act wise,I cognize you are broken inside !
Let your mind accede to the failure
and lament aloud,very loud
until it outbursts your agony.
Don't be hesitant of the otherwise ruthless world
Nobody will see your break down,I promise.
I'll shut mine eyes too and turn my back,if you desire !
But please cry,cry for once
and let your heart be dried of sorrows
your soul redeem of yesterdays residues !

For O dearest, I empathize
with the irreplaceable loss incurred on you
And so I want you not to just escape it
under the refuge of hope,dream,destiny or sympathy
but instead triumph over it
on the chariot of your own WILL
with the sword of your infinite virtues !

I'm waiting to see you soar high,again
Let You be dawned forever!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Await You!

Like a coarse tiny vapor
arrested amidst the black clouds
fighting tough to reach out
waiting to be sculptured
into a beautiful white pearl!

Like an unborn dream
in the womb of the heavens
traversing through crests and troughs
seeking for a worthier doer!

Like the darkest hour before dawn
waiting to bathe in the orange light
to exempt all grief amalgamated over night
and zealous to start anew!

Like an eternal prayer of all souls
of hope and happiness
and of love and madness
waiting to be ascertained by the one above!

Like the other half of crescent moon
counterpoised by the beholder
owing to the radiance of it's better half
waiting to aglow to it's full glory!

I Await You!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just the way you are...

Do I love you because of the clothes you wear?
Nah! I could see through your soul~beautifully draped in rainbows!!

Do I love you because of the way you talk?
Nah! I love the symphony in your silence,the song in your smile!!

Do I love you because of the way you care for people?
Nah! It's because of the way you don't care for yourself!!(Not fair :( )

Do I love you because of the way you are wise and intelligent?
Nopes! It's because of the way you are innocent,and cute and stupid ,all in a blink of my eye!!

Do I love you because of the way you speak?
Nah! It's because of the eloquence in your eyes!!

Are you in my life because you are beautiful?
No! It's because life seems beautiful when you are around!!

Do I love you because of the dreams you weave?
Nah! It's because of the reality you adore!!

Do I love you because of the way you love me?
Nah! It's because of the way you make me love myself, even more !!

Do I love you because you exactly match the one I always desired of in my own world of fantasy?
Oh No!  you are much much more than what I could ever imagine,than what I could ever ask HIM,more alluring than the one I ever dreamt of!!

Do I love you because of the way YOU are?
YES!  just the way YOU are,simply the way YOU are.Your perfections,imperfections,your virtues,your vice,your truths,your lies, I love all,all,all of them.


PS:Random Scribbling!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Dive Deep, into the Sea of Emotions...

I Dive Deep
into the Dark Sea of Emotions...

To Bring forth
the Pearls of Life
lying scattered everywhere!
To Travel along
the Islands of Joy
Spreading Smiles in Spares!

So that I could
Pour My Love
in the Glass of The Universe
until it Fills and Spills
and Falls back onto Me!

I Dive Deep
into the Sea of Emotions...
not because I'm Weak
but because I LIVE!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Girl

A Little Girl I know
Naive, just four
Her Innocence’s ever charming
Her Sweetness names her a darling.
She has a crystal clear soul
O! She’s purer than the pure!

She dances out in the rain
Her tiny feet twirl and part
She sings aloud in her garden
To the tunes of her heart
Without much ado
To the eyes discerning her.

Life is fair to her
As are grandma’s fairy tales
The world is good at large
As her doll house entails.
She’s papa’s boy
She’s mama’s girl
Her aura brimming with love
Unaware of the tide, yet to unfurl.

For she couldn’t fathom
The endless worries
her mother’s eyes emanate
Neither the protective ways
her father resonates
All she wants is
To grow up, to grow big, very big
Like her Mama
So that she could fit in
In her high heeled shoes
(very pretty they are, to her).

Innocence is so much vulnerable,no?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Few Little but Favorite Moments /Things

Having read many Favorite-things-list,here comes mine (in no specific order)
  1. Papa making tea for me and mamma :D (though it's once in a blue moon but still you love it)
  2. Mamma chumpy-ing oil on hair :)
  3. Pillow fighting with siblings/friends :P
  4. Getting wet in rains and then having pyaaz ke pakode with adrak ki chai :)
  5. A quiet beachside walk in the night with the wind blowing softly
  6. Giving a cute smile to a kid or a baby stranger :D
  7. Tripling on Scooty/Bike
  8. Driving at more than 60km/h on Highway
  9. A hand made Greeting Card :)
  10. A hand written letter :)
  11. A simple "Good Morning/Good Night" message without any forwarded text
  12. Finding money in your pockets after the clothes are thoroughly washed away
  13. Crayons
  14. Gel pens
  15. Parle-G (yeah,my favorite :D)
  16. Waking up at 2:00 in the night and finding something to eat
  17. Writing your name on a fogged up mirror/car window or on sand
  18. Bonfire in winters
  19. Laughing so hard that you start to cry
  20. A call from a distant dear friend
  21. Looking at Old Photo albums/Reading Slambook
  22. Old faded but favorite jeans
  23. Vacants in Time-Table or a surprise official Off :D (like the one we had today :) or bunking the class(es) and outing with friends
  24. Dairy Milk on a gloomy day
  25. Window Shopping
  26. Watching sunset with a cup of strong coffee,and thinking absolutely nothing!
  27. Roadside food (esp chaat and golpappe :D)
  28. Reading a romantic novel in lamp light with few soft tracks in background
  29. Your favorite song playing in radio
  30. When all of a sudden you come to know that some so and so was doing your "Peeth peeche taareef" :P
  31. Gifts,both getting and giving :)
  32. A really soft pillow
  33. Waking up and realizing you still have a few minutes left till the alarm sounds
  34. Mamma ya Papa ke haath se khana khana when you slept early or you are ill and you are 19 :D
  35. Yelling yourself hoarse when India's winning and doing totkas when it's not :P
  36. Calling a friend's name aloud when her/his crush is passing by :P
  37. A total stupid,baseless,irrelevant conversation with some cool,idiot people you call 'Friends' :P
  38. The 'Traveling' part of a trip
  39. A sincere apology and an unexpected Thank you note
  40. The last five minutes of a ridiculously boring lecture and then immediately rushing to the water cooler
  41. Eating in class,when the teaching is on :P
  42. Taking a photo at exactly the right moment
  43. Chocolate Cake
  44. Smell of earth after downpour
  45. Sleeping under the stars
  46. Laughing at something silly that you did
  47. An honest Compliment/Appreciation by someone who really matters
  48. Childhood memories
  49. A beautiful dream in the morning hours,which you manage to remember
  50. Talking about cartoon/comics that you read as kids with someone who read them too(Champak,Tinkle,Chacha Chaudhary,Flintstones,Teletubbies,Tom and Jerry. Anyone?)
  51. That 15 minutes nap in Exam time
  52. Holding hands without thinking :)
  53. Rains,Snowfall
  54. A Hug,when you need it most
  55. School teachers who still remember you
  56. Getting someone a present which they long desired and watching the look on their face as they open it
  57. Tears of joy
  58. Revived and nicely pressed cotton clothes
  59. The sound of flowing water
  60. Birthday Wishes
  61. Turning off all the lights,looking into the starry sky and thinking life's good :)
  62. Power cuts and then gathering on terrace/ground-playing,talking etc etc
  63. Bookmarks,Reminders
  64. Blessings
  65. That feel good factor when you see someone's smiling and you know You are the reason behind it :)
    PS:Okies so this is all what I could think of now. I know there are countably infinite awesome things that could be added to the list.Will soon come with another one :)
     ~Smiles :)

      Saturday, April 9, 2011

      To Sparrow, with Love

      I remember the times O Sparrow
      When I was young and you were little
      Days began with your rhythmic chirrups
      And evenings spoke of my innocent twiddles.

      Your nest was an oft visited place
      During playtime in sunny weather
      I was amazed at the way you sewed it all
      Twigs and yarns and feathers.

      My garden was more beckoning
      When you sang there with your troop
      Daffodils and Butterflies danced
      And I fostered you with drupes.

      I daily gazed at the eternal sky
      And watched you fly high ,in blue extremes
      Your vigor,your freedom and your abiding bustle
      Intrigued me to live my Dreams.

      I remember the times O Sparrow
      When a storm struck us both
      You coped up the next day ,I heard your song
      It rejuvenated, my heart and hope.

      You often came and sat by my verandah
      And were ne’er afraid of me
      You made my ambience cheerful
      And I just loved your very being!

      Ah! But O little birdie, where have you
      disappeared now?Long time,no see!
      I just miss your soulful songs
      and I JUST MISS THEE!
      PS: The House Sparrow is now a disappearing species.To raise an awareness among people,World Sparrow Day is observed every year on March 20th(It started in 2010only).The theme for this year is :"Chirp for the Sparrow,tweet for the Sparrow".

      Sunday, March 27, 2011

      The Eloquent Silence

      Here as I stand on the kerb of my balcony,
      Forlorned, wretched ,as if a woe betide.
      Venturing to unravel the bizarre cacophony,
      Of the reapers and the sailors ,of the tits and the tides.

      The pluvial pearls pattering the floor,
      Songbirds crooning hitherto to azure.
      And the quavering foliage whispering in my ears,
      Crescending the tumult, the windy veers.

      Townies trundling , Oh! the tittle-tattle meet,
      Kids making merry, boys strumming down the streets.
      Hawkers howling at the vortex of the voice,
      Adding to the bongo, the banger device.

      Even the artefacts ,the clock ,ticking at pace,
      The wind chimes jingling ,perhaps struggling in the race.
      Then the phone bell ranged ,oaf, another cry,
      And there in the kitchen ,the vent blew high.

      Ah! all judders ..hammering my tympanum,
      Be it whispers, slurps,ditty or hum.
      For everything is sonorous ,and everyone has to aver,
      Save two in the milieu ,the quietus ever.......

      Quietus ever , I couldn’t make out why?
      All seasons ,all occasions , tacit and shy.
      Perhaps abstaining ,from escalating the symphony,
      Or are the sole listeners , of all enigma, all euphony.

      But silence is also the veneer of noise,
      Eventually thwarted ,revealed in disguise.
      Still they are mute, subdued ,and might remain to be,
      The Saviour the Mighty ,and the Solitary Me………..
      PS:This is one of my older writes.Just wanted to post it here!

      Wednesday, March 23, 2011

      Few Random Clicks

      “Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out."(Dave Matthew)

      “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator."(M.K.Gandhi)

      Super Moon Dated March 19,2011

      PS:All pics are taken by your's truly ME :).They are original,unedited.Looking forward to some good photography.

      ~Smiles,love and prayers 

      Thursday, March 17, 2011

      Late at night,Life revived

      LOST,Late at night
      Through the window in the right
      I espy the umpteenth aura
      Of shimmering species
      Smouldering within
      Yet sedating enough
      Bedecking the purple sky!
      ORION,the HUNTER
      Delves in my SOLITUDE!

      On spur of the moment
      A silky zephyr
      Gushes across my being
      Emancipating all thoughts
      Of hope and happiness
      Of fear and sadness
      And of dreams and madness
      Taking all my turbulence away!

      The vastness of the blue meadows outside
      Intrigue me to explore the vastness within
      I close my eyes a little for a while
      And all I could feel
      Is a SOUL dyed BLUE
      So seemingly to the azure above
      and then out of the blue
      “Make it luminous”,
      I heard HIS voice
      “Beautify the world inside
      And thus the beholder outside !
      WINS and FAILURES are like
      Blue-black clouds
      Kindle your soul
      With eternal brilliance of STARS
      of LOVE and of VALUES
      And thine shall shine forever !"

      I breathed out heavily
      HE is right conceivably!
      I ogled again
      At the blue-gray sky
      tip turned my eyes a bit
      And the ORION now appeared
      More like a BUTTERFLY !
      I embraced it with a welcoming smile
      And the first thought
      That immediately occupied my mind
      “The world isn’t that bad girl
      Neither is life !
      just shape-shift your perspective a bit ."

      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      On this Woman’s day for all days to come

      Hello All,

      Today on this Woman's Day I'm not here to boast of my genre something like "Do you know why God Created Man 1st and then Woman? Cause you need a rough Draft before creating a master piece." This is one of the messages I got today.Total crap,ain't it? I won't be bragging here about my "Greatness" like “I’m a cute daughter,I’m a sweet sister,I’m a lovely lover, I’m to-be-a-darling wife ,I’m to-be-an-adorable mother so on and on and on”.Neither would I speak of “the heavenly fire that kindles my heart and soul”,that I’m a source of immense strength, that I could move mountains,that I could touch the sky,that I’m ever smiling,ever tempting,ever kind,ever patient, ,uncomplaining, compromising dot dot dot.

      Instead,today I earnestly wish for something.It’s not that I’m against the aforesaid ideas(Infact I would love to be so) but why always such obligations?Why so many expectations?Why idealizations?Why stereotypifications?Why can’t I just celebrate Myself without considering the roles I play in other people’s life?I also have the same set of ideas,ambitions and emotions as the other ‘humans’ (read men)have.So if they can why can’t I live my dreams,why can’t I make mistakes,why can’t I be selfish,and why can’t I complain?Why?I also have got just one life,no?

      I’m always of the belief that men and women are different and equal.Two sides of the same coin,we complete each other.God created us that way.We should appreciate this difference.But it’s really sad that we are always verbally attacking each other to project that one is superior to other.Grow up people!!It’s high time.

      Well,here’s my wishlist on this Woman’s day for all days to come:

      I don’t want to be compared to anyone or against any benchmark.
      I don’t want to be judged based on some pseudo- standards and preconceived ideas.
      I just want to live my life with peace and independence, doing small things that make me happy and the world a better place. I want freedom to choose and decide for myself.
      In my small way I want to be a part of this world and make small little contributions.
      I don’t want to be discriminated against or be subject to bias.
      I don’t want reservations or special privileges but I don’t want to be deprived of my basic rights either.
      I have a right to say no.I have a right to be heard.

      I want that I could walk/drive on the street without having someone wink/ whistle/ hoot/ hum/ stare.
      I want that I could cycle down a long quiet road, whistling in the rain, enjoying the drops on my bare arms and legs, without worrying that it’s getting dark.
      I want that I could travel loads and loads with mine girl-friends,without being ‘unsafe’
      I want that at some 1:45 AM in the night I could go to the terrace and play my guitar,whenever desired.
      I want that I could say what I want, when I want, without people going ‘haaawwww!’
      I want that I could wear what I want without aunties looking at me like I’m a bad indecent girl or that I have no morals or whatever.
      I want to be accepted as I am…I want to celebrate the idea that I am a Woman.

      Nothing more,Nothing less!!

      PS:This is not exclusively my writeup.I read this wishlist  here and here,and  hence the post.

      Saturday, March 5, 2011

      I'm an Ordinary Man!

      I'm an Ordinary man!

      With small fortune
      and equally small ability
      I take Life
      as it comes
      making joyous compromises
      each day
      every moment
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      I'm not perfect
      Neither do I have an extra-ordinary talent
      I'm no stylish,no special
      my heart doesn't desire much.
      I have my warts and weaknesses
      in full acceptance
      Slow and stupid
      many a times
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      My world is narrowly confined
      to the immediate ambience
      where I often cultivate
      I have a small family
      and few friends
      I love them a lot
      they love me too
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      I'm unnoticeable in the crowd
      unobserved I travel down the paths
      I'm never a 'centre of attraction'
      I'm seldom highlighted
      or paid attention
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      I do not always know
      which way to go
      my dreams are little
      my prayers big
      I take second chances
      but not too many 'risks'
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      I say no to tyranny
      to power
      to things unethical
      of which
      I'm the ultimate sufferer
      Very calmly I intake
      all injustice
      without any resistance
      'coz I'm an Ordinary man!

      The mere absence of sadness
      makes me happy
      I'm astouded
      by natural beauty
      I can be innocent
      and simultaneously wise
      I'm living a very ordinary life
      I'm an Ordinary man!

      I do not have a vision
      Or a purpose dignified
      I live life on the daily basis
      Trying to push things in hand
      A little up
      A little higher
      every moment
      so as to 'not lose'
      Seeking happiness
      in small little pleasures
      trying best
      not to be unkind
      I’m an ordinary man!

      Unlamented I'll die one day
      My name will not be etched
      anywhere in space and time
      'cept in the hearts of few akin
      I’m an ordinary man!

      But I'm not alone you see
      there are many,untold like me
      living a tiny
      yet satisfying life

      Wednesday, March 2, 2011

      My Way of Life

      Think Big

      Do Good

      Be Nice

      and Relish every small Pleasure in Life.

      Sunday, February 6, 2011


      "Why are you doing this when you can have your own?",Mom asked furiously,almost in tears.

      "Atleast think about the society.They will raise so many questions to you and your parents.They'll doubt your...",an acquaintance was trying hard to convince.

      "You people are hurting your parents.They had so many aspirations from you.Don't you have any obligations towards them?", another fellow added.

      "Apna khoon apna hi hota hai.No one else can take his place.Do whatever you want!",Papa asserted loudly and left the room.

      But the couple was adamant to their decision.Nothing in the world could bent them.

      They said "Sorry Ma,Sorry Paa.But we are really not bothered what others would think of us.We are not doing anything wrong.And If you want we'll have our own too.But this has to be done.Today and Now.We have promised her."
      They took the keys and hurried to the place.

      "Hello sister!"

      "Hello Sir.Hello Ma'am.All formalities have been done.You just have to sign here.",the matron said.

      "Yeah.we'll just do."

      "Congratulations to both of you.God bless you people."

      "Thank you sister!"

      They both looked at each other.Happiness,love,contentment and proud tinged vividly in their eyes.They distributed sweets to everyone out there.

      He kissed her on her forehead for the very first time and hugged her tight.(Ah!Truly Divine. An awesome feeling).

      The three of them then headed towards the temple on the opposite side of the road, to seek blessings of the Almighty.

      The papers on the dashboard of the car were gleaming brightly on that full moon night.They read,

      "St. Anthony Girls Orphanage
      Child's Name:PARI
      Age:2 yrs ,6 months

      Adopted by:
      Mrs and Mr.............
      on 6'Feb'2011"

      And on the backseat were kept a teddy-bear,a doll in pink,a toy train,a remote control car,a big box of chocolates and toffees,small little pair of shoes,few packets from 'Kids Wear' shop etc etc.
      Once in school ,a friend asked "What does it mean to be adopted?"

      "It means",said Pari "that you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy :)"