Thursday, March 17, 2011

Late at night,Life revived

LOST,Late at night
Through the window in the right
I espy the umpteenth aura
Of shimmering species
Smouldering within
Yet sedating enough
Bedecking the purple sky!
Delves in my SOLITUDE!

On spur of the moment
A silky zephyr
Gushes across my being
Emancipating all thoughts
Of hope and happiness
Of fear and sadness
And of dreams and madness
Taking all my turbulence away!

The vastness of the blue meadows outside
Intrigue me to explore the vastness within
I close my eyes a little for a while
And all I could feel
Is a SOUL dyed BLUE
So seemingly to the azure above
and then out of the blue
“Make it luminous”,
I heard HIS voice
“Beautify the world inside
And thus the beholder outside !
WINS and FAILURES are like
Blue-black clouds
Kindle your soul
With eternal brilliance of STARS
of LOVE and of VALUES
And thine shall shine forever !"

I breathed out heavily
HE is right conceivably!
I ogled again
At the blue-gray sky
tip turned my eyes a bit
And the ORION now appeared
More like a BUTTERFLY !
I embraced it with a welcoming smile
And the first thought
That immediately occupied my mind
“The world isn’t that bad girl
Neither is life !
just shape-shift your perspective a bit ."


  1. u kno wut dear, it feels kinda wierd to say this but, my oh my do we think alike !! i've always felt the orion look more like a butterfly...believe me, and i look at it every single night and think the same....and here u are :)

    neverthless, i'd never have written such a lovely poem about that. every single word, every line, is totally captivating....just to die for.....luvvvvv u sweetie...keep up the good work :)

  2. So is my story that my inside speaks out loud while I gaze into the vastness of the blue meadows above flushed with star light and star dust.
    Nice lines Saumya :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. hey in ur poem ur heart speaks loudly.. a very good poem dear frnds. keep going :) and keep smiling :)

  4. "Beautify the world inside
    And thus the beholder outside!”

    True lines....expressed your feelings beautifully!
    Keep write good :)

    Take Care.

  5. @saanjh:wow...good to hear that...thanks for the read and liking it this much :)

  6. @Blasphemous Aesthete:thank you sir :)

  7. @some unspoken words:thanks dear for dropping by...keep reading :)

  8. @Fatima:thank you so much...keep reading :)

  9. :)yup! how u see d world depends on ur own perspective :)
    keep smiling dear!! :) :)

  10. Indeed its about the perspective..nice flow of words and thoughts.

  11. @megha:thank you so much dear :)

  12. @Alcina:thanks for dropping by!!!

  13. your optimism is infectious.. :)

  14. @Divesh:glad to know this :) ...thank you for the read :)


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