Saturday, February 23, 2013

To My Future-Self

Dear Future Me,
I don’t know how much life and times have changed you by now but hope you’re doing well. So how’s life moving –the way you planned or full of surprises, as always? I wonder do you still love Parle-G, are you still a star-gazer, do you still eat many-a-times by your mamma’s hands? Are you the same-ever smiling, shy and skinny girl? By the way, how do you look like now? How about chubby cheeks and curly hairs?
I hope you did make your parents proud of you. Like papa’s boy you are more strong and successful and like mamma’s girl-more sensitive and mannerly. I hope your life still revolves around the universe of your family. Do you still play around with your siblings and share all secrets? I know you must be in contact with your bestest buddies-the three idiots from school, the awesome foursome and famous five from college. Do you meet them quite often and /or phoniyaao them with loads of gossips? Do they all care for you? Do they still make you forget that the world is not a good place? Did you make new friends too? I would love to meet them sometime.
Hope you still enjoy those small-little beautiful moments in life-dancing on terrace, especially in the rains, singing in the bathroom, winds playing with your hair, crushing bubble-wrap, playing with kids in your colony, listening to music on radio, laughing on PJ’s, balloons, budhiya-ke-baal, dairymilk, jhoole, fruity, Maggi, lays, sunset, sunrise, smell-of-earth, last-minute-makeup etc and etc. Do you still savor them all like a seven year old girl? Do you still watch Kuch-Kuch-Hota-Hai and DDLJ everytime it is telecasted?Most importantly, did you learn to cook?.....for I am too bad at it. What about tying your hair in different styles? You learnt it naa? Don’t tell me you didn’t. I have a feeling that you're more talkative now.Prove me right,okay?
Are you still a jhagada-solver between two parties,  often serving as a mediator? Ahh,ain't it the toughest job on earth? Dimaag ki dahi ho jaati hai,nai? Anyway,hope you are helping as many people as you can. Hope you are doing your bit for the country and under-priveleged apart from your shopping and movies and restaurants. I know giving gives you greater joy! Do you still adhere to my morals and principles and beliefs? I hope so! Never give up your values no matter how boring, old-fashioned or lame they sound. Don’t let peer pressure make you forget what you once stood by. Learn to say NO, you’re life is not only about pleasing other people. I will nonetheless appreciate the changes, if any, for the betterment of you and me. Let the light of your thoughts guide you through the tunnel of life. Trust your own instinct and nothing else. Samjhiiiii!!!
Are you keeping track of your bucket-list? How about your passion for travelling and reading? How much done ,what all left? Tried all kinds of tea and coffee? I so want to know all that! By the way, met your special someone, hmmmm? I wonder if he meets my specifications :P. Chalo, I don’t seek that answer. Keep it to yourself. Let it be a beautiful secret between you and me.
Waiting to meet you soon. Hope you are the me I wanted………..and yes keep scribbling,DilWise...aur moti toh bilkul mat hoiyo :)
With loads of love
Forever Yours

Friday, February 8, 2013

Of being away from home

It has been a month today of being away from home. Luckily both my schooling and graduation happened at home town itself. But there had to be a first time. And here I am ,earning my living, hundreds of miles away from haven. While leaving,I had my fears and excitements. I thought I shall be homesick. But I'm not. I thought it shall be difficult for me to adjust with unknown people in an unknown land. But it isn't . I thought I won't be able to adapt in out-of-comfort-zone. But it seems I can. Touchwood. I have really grown up you see.People here are good.The city is also neat and tidy.By the way,I got my first salary too,feels awe-sum-some naa? :)
Howbeit I miss the place I belong to. No matter wherever I go, my heart is where my home is, for it takes me in as I am ,anytime,everytime. The people there yearn to see me and embrace me. I know there is a void there that only I can fill and it is only that place which can make me feel complete.
Here are the few things I truly badly miss ...
1. I miss my room.That very familiar smell,those self-selected interiors and favorite curtains,my warm cozy bed and the soft-soft pillows, my writing table-the cap-less pens and scattered papers,my wardrobe and the mess inside,my big bookshelf, those wallhangings I bought, those nicely put gifts I got,my beeeg desktop and the stuff inside...everything I miss I was so attached with, everything that was exclusively mine. I miss my scooty too. Driving is so much fun, ain't it?

2. I miss Mammy-ke-haath-ka-khana very much. I was very choosy then,nakhrebaaz to be very precise,ye-nahi-khana-wo-nahi-khana. Now realizing how appetizing and delectable that mom-made-meal was, even the things I disliked. The food here is too spicy and sour,not-khayable. I have no choice but to gulp it. I miss those days jab jo farmaaish karo mil jaata tha. The hunger was blissfully satisfied everytime. But here I eat just for the sake of filling my tummy.

3. I miss having good Tea. Yes I do. I am a biggggg tea lover. It has been my companion since ages be it during studying, writing, watching sunset or talking with people.I don't like tea here. The taste is unusual and I really hate that tea-bag-waali-tea. Both mom and I make awesome adrak/elaichi ki chai.No ,I am not boasting,sacchii. At times we had 5-6 cups of tea a day garnished with loads of gossips.Damn,I miss those moments!

4. I miss those shackles that caressed and protected me. Though the feeling of independence is great in itself still I miss those restrictions.Weren't those chains actually threads of love and concern? It felt nice to be looked after. There was always this assurance that if something goes wrong papa/mamma will take care of it. They got worried if I were late or if I was stuck in a problem. Today also they sound apprehensive and caring about my well being but I miss their sheer presence,those they-bother expressions.

5. I miss making coffee/chai for papa, mamma and maggi for bhai and sis. Yes yours truly is expert in making the two. It felt awesome to receive the same bauhat-acchi-bani-hai compliment n number of times. I used to be ready with garmagaram-strong-chai whenever mom came tired after hours of shopping/some outing or when she wasn't feeling well.I know my mom must be missing that bani-banayi-chai,mere-haath-ki.

6.I miss fighting.Yeah its my all time favorite sport; be it verbal or physical. I miss fighting with my bro and sis over something as silly as who will handle the remote of TV, or who got bigger piece of cake or who's turn it is to switch off the lights. Those small little noke-jhonks,that roothna-manana I miss it. I miss asking my father for a packet of chips or an ice-cream cone at eleventh hour of the day, and fighting with him if he didn't get it.Mom used to scold me for not learning cooking and spending too much time on internet. I miss that fight between my logics and her reasons. Daant khana bhi kya koi miss karta hai kya?Shayad haan!

On the top of it all I miss that homely warmth, the love and affection of my parents,being pampered,humor and naughtiness of my siblings, ease and comfort of my surroundings.There is something ineffable about that heaven which only the heart knows of. Corporate world is too sophisticated,I miss that childhood innocence. I really do. :(