Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Eloquent Silence

Here as I stand on the kerb of my balcony,
Forlorned, wretched ,as if a woe betide.
Venturing to unravel the bizarre cacophony,
Of the reapers and the sailors ,of the tits and the tides.

The pluvial pearls pattering the floor,
Songbirds crooning hitherto to azure.
And the quavering foliage whispering in my ears,
Crescending the tumult, the windy veers.

Townies trundling , Oh! the tittle-tattle meet,
Kids making merry, boys strumming down the streets.
Hawkers howling at the vortex of the voice,
Adding to the bongo, the banger device.

Even the artefacts ,the clock ,ticking at pace,
The wind chimes jingling ,perhaps struggling in the race.
Then the phone bell ranged ,oaf, another cry,
And there in the kitchen ,the vent blew high.

Ah! all judders ..hammering my tympanum,
Be it whispers, slurps,ditty or hum.
For everything is sonorous ,and everyone has to aver,
Save two in the milieu ,the quietus ever.......

Quietus ever , I couldn’t make out why?
All seasons ,all occasions , tacit and shy.
Perhaps abstaining ,from escalating the symphony,
Or are the sole listeners , of all enigma, all euphony.

But silence is also the veneer of noise,
Eventually thwarted ,revealed in disguise.
Still they are mute, subdued ,and might remain to be,
The Saviour the Mighty ,and the Solitary Me………..
PS:This is one of my older writes.Just wanted to post it here!


  1. Sometimes, its silence amidst all noise and we fail to discern all sounds except the sound of silence, oh it is so soothing. It isn't quite often when the world would just fade away.

    Nice one!

  2. Damn ! whats with u....!!!

    i here preparing for my literature finals paper....stuck up with the likes of shakespeare and milton...and ur giving me all the more reason to disdain them! when people like you write such amazing poetry here on blogs, why on earth do we make such a big deal about all these long gone poets who werent half as good ;)

  3. @Anshul Sir...yeah at times silence inside is too loud...than the loud speakers outside...thank you for the read!!

  4. @saanjh:O my gosh...I'm carried away....:P....
    thank you dear for your bunch of appreciation...I'm really grateful to you...though I stand nowhere...but still...thanks a zillion :)

  5. you write well.
    fabulous word flow.
    share one piece with us today, make more poetic friend.

    bless your talent, keep it up.

  6. this one is a challenge to my vocabulary :D

  7. Woha that was surely like the books i read which have those eloquently designed P.B shelly or shakespeare..This was just amazing and each word created a live scene in front of me..
    Good going..
    Keep up this good work..

  8. Beautifully written. Some people are blessed with the ability to express their thoughts and feelings beautifully, you being one of them. :)

  9. { Promising Poets Parking Lot }: thanks for being here....and appreciating this write !!

  10. lcina :thank you dear....glad you liked it :)

  11. @Dee: thank you for coming...and thanks a ton for the read and liking it :)


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