Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me in Wonderland

 What would life be without Daydreaming?
Eh!....Scary,isn't it?

Well ,here's 'Me in Wonderland',things  I want to do or I daydream of.

I wanna run in a beach for miles and miles  towards the evanescing sun. I wanna sit at the top of a tall tower late at night for some unknown hours  and continuously eyeshot the aura of twinkling species. I wanna dance in a garden when it’s quietly raining to the beats of some endless music with no one looking around. I wanna walk for hours and hours ,on a cloudy day, in a an endless road  surrounded by the red maple trees on both the sides  and the wind blowing softly and a flute being played in the background (I would not mind , flowers falling on to me as I take my every step forth. :P) .I wanna travel round the whole world, whole world- and appreciate the exquisite creativity of not man less but of God more and capture all in my camera. I wanna climb the Everest atleast once. I wanna do river-rafting in Pacific Ocean round the earth. I wanna sit by the side of a beautiful river in an unknown country and play my guitar. I wanna drive a bike (yeah bike)on a National Highway  at some 100km/hr (with no trucks and cars around) in the midnight. I wanna write a book someday(not a textbook for sure) ,hopefully an international-best-sellar(:P). I wanna rob a bakery shop once(:P)- cakes, pastries and chocolates are ever-so-tempting to me. I wanna shout my name aloud at the dead of the night and hear the echo back.
.............................................................................................................................And the list goes on.

I doubt if even one of these will come true. Yet ‘DREAMING’ alone is BEAUTIFUL. Life is not only facing the REALITY which is at times harsh and bitter but it is also FANTASIZING about the things that you dream of. Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum. They add to our LIFE ,they make us SMILE, they make us INFINITE and somehow kindle us with HOPE and that MATTERS A LOT!

~love and prayers

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today I could see more LIGHT embracing the earth.
Is it  'coz of my heart burning
or 'coz  my soul's radiating ?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


              I made you believe in 'YOU',
              you thrashed my belief in 'ME',
              I fought the world for 'YOU'
              you end up hurting 'ME'.......

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Love kindles just unexpectedly
and nurtures with no expectations.
It is quintessence of holiness
semblance of sacrifice
immortal ,unpretentious
it is 'beauty' epitomized.

They say we fall in love,O ne'er
we just suddenly begin to 'rise'.

'Tis far above the heavenly abode
far beneath the secrets of our soul
and wherever the two coincide
is the fount of love
perhaps origin of life.

And I wouldn't be wrong if I surmise,
'GOD' is nothing but LOVE personified.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Best Secret

"You always know who in the world you are praying for,but you never know who in the world is PRAYING FOR YOU(secretly)."

It really feels so good naa when all of a sudden you come to know that someone REMEMBERS you,someone CARES for you,someone GIVES you his/her TIME(the only precious thing) .And above all ,that, someone PRAYS for your well-being ,for your happiness,for your dreams-come-true ,selflessly and secretively ,may be in lieu of his/her own desires.I reckon this to be one of the best aspect's of  life.The happiness bestowed thereby lingers and is preeminent.One seems to be overwhelmingly blessed when touched by such kindness.

Helping hands and praying lips-What else one craves for?

That 'someone' may be your friend,your sibling,your love,your neighbor,your servant ,the one you 'dislike' or the one whose existence you aren't aware of .It can be anyone anywhere.So friends,

                   keep this beautiful feeling in view,
                  someone is always thinking good of you. :)
                                                                             (from an sms)

~love and prayers

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It hurts!

Me:  (smilingly)  It's okay.Never mind.
She: You sure naa?
Me:  (a little more smilingly)  Yeah,I'm all fine dear.You carry on.
She:  I knew that.You are so good.Chal,see ya later!

"If only you could see a drop of tear, that fell from the left corner of my eye, just when you turned  back and how quickly I wiped it off."

      At times it hurts.It's just that we do not want to hurt back. But.......It hurts!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's so much there in the 'Surname'?

In every home a burning ghat
In every home a gallows
In every home are prison walls
Colliding against the walls
She falls ......................................

Sati System,Female Foeticide,Dowry Deaths,Honour Killing.Any guesses what's next in the 'honourable' series?The scenario today is Grandmothers killing grand daughters,brothers killing sisters,Mothers slaughtering daughters and Fathers smothering sons.Murder of the BLOOD,by the BLOOD ,for the BLOOD.Who said Man was born free.I'm amazed at this horrendous show of man's inhumanity to man.Truly awestruck.And the irony is that these barbarous and  savages justify their 'deeds' under the aegis of 'FAMILY HONOUR'.

We all grow up with the weight of history on us.  Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains.Probably that's the reason we look forward to Best lifestyles,Vision 2020,'Educated Society' but we cannot do away with CASTEISM  and COMMUNALISM.It is not only limited to the lower strata but to the 'high-born' equally. I wonder what's so much there in the 'SURNAME' that differentiates between humans,that brings the devil inside out ,that causes a huge massacre of love ,of emotions,of feelings,of bonds and of relationships. Incidentally and interestingly, it is ironic to see participants in the debate over the caste census argue that ideally, caste should be done away with ‘except in matters of marriage’!Anything more stupid ?We all are against RESERVATIONS but we do not support Inter-cast Marriages.I have no other words, but I feel pity on the narrow-mindedness of the 'intelligent elites'.

Is it always the Caste factor or something else?Probably loving-against-the-will-of-parents.Whatever it is ,the 'mindsets' will have to change to match the pace of fast-moving -world.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rains,I'm loving it!

It's Sunday and it's eventide.The road is wet,the sky is grey,garden more green and ambience more clean .Yep ,It rained an hour before.Quiet,cozy gentle rain. The balmy breeze blew across the body and exhilirated my soul .Had a walk on the terrace.Got drenched completely.It was refreshing as never before after the fiery heat.AWESOME! Adding to it, the smell of the earth.Truly Divine.

It's  drizzling .The rhythm of the dripping pearls is soo  pleasant and penetrating.I had  plate-full of pakodis(obviously prepared by mom :P) and a hot hot cup of  adrak ki chai (hehe..made by me :D) ,Ah! My favourite tracks in the background and me having a nice conversation with my family.Perfectly PERFECT.I'm loving it all.It is these small little moments that maketh the LIFE.

Thank you God! I'm HAPPY(Do I always need a reason to be so?).
I'm singin' in the rain,                                          
Just singin' in the rain,
What a glorious feeling,
I'm happy again!
I'm laughing at clouds,
So dark, up above,
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love.
Let the stormy clouds chase
Ev'ryone from the place,
Come on with the rain,
I've a smile on my face. :)

~love and prayers