Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want you to cry tonight

Today I won't droop your shoulders
with the burden of indefinite hope
Neither would I crumple your eyes
to another aura of sleepless dreams.
I won't blabber philosophies today
'It's Destiny','Move on','Such is Life' and so on
Nor will I sink in the sea of emotions
to wet you in the showers of sympathy.

Instead I want you to cry tonight,
Yes do that,it's a begging plea
reel of your pain,let tears tumble down your cheeks
which might be aching owing to fake smiles
Don't make your wounds rot 
Don't pretend as if everything's okay when it's not,It hurts
Don't act wise,I cognize you are broken inside !
Let your mind accede to the failure
and lament aloud,very loud
until it outbursts your agony.
Don't be hesitant of the otherwise ruthless world
Nobody will see your break down,I promise.
I'll shut mine eyes too and turn my back,if you desire !
But please cry,cry for once
and let your heart be dried of sorrows
your soul redeem of yesterdays residues !

For O dearest, I empathize
with the irreplaceable loss incurred on you
And so I want you not to just escape it
under the refuge of hope,dream,destiny or sympathy
but instead triumph over it
on the chariot of your own WILL
with the sword of your infinite virtues !

I'm waiting to see you soar high,again
Let You be dawned forever!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Await You!

Like a coarse tiny vapor
arrested amidst the black clouds
fighting tough to reach out
waiting to be sculptured
into a beautiful white pearl!

Like an unborn dream
in the womb of the heavens
traversing through crests and troughs
seeking for a worthier doer!

Like the darkest hour before dawn
waiting to bathe in the orange light
to exempt all grief amalgamated over night
and zealous to start anew!

Like an eternal prayer of all souls
of hope and happiness
and of love and madness
waiting to be ascertained by the one above!

Like the other half of crescent moon
counterpoised by the beholder
owing to the radiance of it's better half
waiting to aglow to it's full glory!

I Await You!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just the way you are...

Do I love you because of the clothes you wear?
Nah! I could see through your soul~beautifully draped in rainbows!!

Do I love you because of the way you talk?
Nah! I love the symphony in your silence,the song in your smile!!

Do I love you because of the way you care for people?
Nah! It's because of the way you don't care for yourself!!(Not fair :( )

Do I love you because of the way you are wise and intelligent?
Nopes! It's because of the way you are innocent,and cute and stupid ,all in a blink of my eye!!

Do I love you because of the way you speak?
Nah! It's because of the eloquence in your eyes!!

Are you in my life because you are beautiful?
No! It's because life seems beautiful when you are around!!

Do I love you because of the dreams you weave?
Nah! It's because of the reality you adore!!

Do I love you because of the way you love me?
Nah! It's because of the way you make me love myself, even more !!

Do I love you because you exactly match the one I always desired of in my own world of fantasy?
Oh No!  you are much much more than what I could ever imagine,than what I could ever ask HIM,more alluring than the one I ever dreamt of!!

Do I love you because of the way YOU are?
YES!  just the way YOU are,simply the way YOU are.Your perfections,imperfections,your virtues,your vice,your truths,your lies, I love all,all,all of them.


PS:Random Scribbling!