Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love unconfessed............

Dearest You,

The YOUness in YOU

I Appreciate
I Admire
I Respect
and I ..........

Though I could ne'er see
laughter ripples on your face
or hug you tight
when you really need one.
Though I could ne'er
wipe off  tears
rolling down your cheeks
or hold them in my palm
as precious pearls.
Though I could ne'er
walk with you at a starlit night,
holding hands,silently
taking all your fears away.
Though I could ne'er arrange
surprises on  your birthdays
or celebrate life
Though I could ne'er
lend you my ears
or offer my shoulders
in moments of pain.
Though I could ne'er give you
'a gift' which you like
just to see a smile
on your tired face.
Though I could ne'er hold
tears of joy
for your small little
Though I could ne'er tell you
that ' I LIKE YOU'
coz I understand  you deserve much better
why to bother you,unnecessarily .
Still  O Sweetest heart
I care for you
from a distance though!!!

The YOUness in YOU
I Appreciate
I Admire
I Respect
and I ..........


I do not exactly remember
when did it all began
you became a priority
in my daily prayers.
To every cheerful face
I come across
'Smiling with a spark'
I feel you!
Whenever I espy
a shooting star
I just wish
for your wish come true.
My dreams often
bless your dreams
with my soul sincerely yearning
for your happiness and esteem.
Whenvever I turn the pages of newspaper
to read horoscope of the day
it's your's always
which I read first!
I do not know why
but when it comes to judging people
guys particularly,I compare them to thee
and unsurprisingly none matches up!
That day also
I believed in your dreams
today also I assert
You'll be a great man one day!
Whenever I'm sad
and cry my heart out
I know you can never be there
Still,I only think of you!
I often convey my love
to butterflies and sparrows and winds
I hope they carry it to you
unknowingly though!

The YOUness in YOU
I Appreciate
I Admire
I Respect
and I love!

I won't measure my love-true love,deep love,mad love ,selfless love etc etc.It's unimportant.Let it be just LOVE for the sake of LOVE.I just wish for your happiness,that you live all your dreams.

I'll never confess it to you.Never.Few things are best when left unsaid.I comprehend you have a lot of aspirations from yourself ,from life where I somehow do not fit in. You truly deserve an angel who'll love you heart and soul and will get your love in return.And for this I have no regrets, no grievances towards God,towards you,towards me or any other.It's destiny,I apprehend.As I said your happiness is of paramount importance to me . May you get the best in life!

Another important thing here is that I LOVED.Yes surprisingly ,I loved someone and I'm happy about it and the best thing is that I Loved YOU.(Hey would you believe that ever since I have known you I did not have had even a crush on anybody else?Forget about attraction ,lol :P.It's been some six years.Long time,no?).Yeah it's like that.

My love is not the greatest of all.It might not grow with time for togetherness is essential for that.But my love for you will remain as it is.You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers,and that's a promise.Love(for me) was tough.Unloving is tougher,infact unachievable.

The fact is that I do not deserve YOU.
The truth is that I'll always love you,from a distance though!!
Take care.


Could ne'er be Yours

PS:This is a work of pure imagination. :)