Sunday, April 22, 2012

LIFE happened...

Lonely. Confused. Misunderstood. Life these days is in I-don’t-want-to-live-anymore phase. Living is but an uncalled-for burden. Things aren't literally working. I’m hating everything around. Everything. Succinctly, it’s hurting to be me. Nothing seems to heal-no music, no friends, no tears. Lost in life’s cobweb I'm struggling furiously to find my way. My writing skills are gridlocked. Words don’t come to me or rather I’m just too numb to feel and express (and I so very deprecate this fact). There are so many other things I wished I could do but I couldn't or didn't.

Though I kind of know what I do not want in life but I really don’t know what all things I actually yearn for.I even don’t know what all I can do, what I cannot. I don’t know what I deserve, what I do not. I don’t know what I should do, what I should not. Whoa , that's my present state of mind.

I hate to go to bed at night and then I hate it even more to wake up in the morning. Fake and blunt smiles outside ensconce the pain within. Folks, jokes and toasts do not please me. My quondam dreams are thrown into hell and I no more feel like fantasizing.

You ask me "What happened?"
And I reply " L.I.F.E dear...............'LIFE' happened"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That little kindness!

During life’s expedition there are a myriad of things you tend to forget. One such thing is - those small nameless acts of kindness you do or a little generosity unknowingly exhibited by you. For instance offering hope to someone, or inspiring somebody or may be just making a child smile or by just being there. These things at times could not manage to find a space for themselves in your brain box. They are nowhere accounted in your diaries nor are they captured in cameras. But they have nonetheless existed, you have acted that way. They are much like those silken threads that impalpably strengthen not only your own persona but also the roots of the universe as a whole. They are all worthwhile in the end. Your name is carved in the heart of one who got helped. You are remembered even when forget-me-nots have withered.

That forgotten,unremembered little kindness blossoming in the cosmos, isin't it the best portion of a good man's life?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Of being a tronix-ite....

From mighty missiles to space satellites, from LCD screens in your drawing rooms to microwaves in your kitchen, from smart phones/i-phones you show off to laptops/tablets you work on, from iPods/camera you’re crazy about to internet you can’t live without it is we who rule your world- a set of technology driven, gadget friendly people –THE TRONIXITES or officially called as ‘Bachelors of Technology in ECE’.

Credit goes to our forefathers (from Franklin to Marconi to Shockley) for being so innovative, intelligent and progressive. Who would have predicted that someday the inventions of both Edison and Graham Bell would be fused together to give society something that it would use in order to speed up communication? Who would have thought that mankind would soon ditch its dependence on wired telegraphs and instead opt to use Skype to communicate with friends and families abroad? ALL HAIL ELECTRONICS. Wars and weaponry, space explorations, business and finance sector, power corporations, education system and even entertainment industry got revolutionized with the very advent of it.

Coming back to ECE as an engineering trade you gotta know-it is the most awesomest, wowest and coolest branch ever. A perfect blend of technology and fun, enough to drive you crazy. Gone are the times of ‘do aur do panch’. Tronixites work to let 10+10=1010 ( read as 2 plus 2 equals 10). Yes we make miracles happen-Sophisticated Robots, Flying cars, Miniature satellites,iPads; the list is endless.They often say ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. But we work the other way round. Invent some cool gadget and make people addicted to it. As simple as that! ECE is a mishmash of various other streams with its course including Computer Science subjects (like Data Structures &Networking), Electrical Engineering subjects(like Power Electronics and Control Systems) plus a huge syllabus of its own. And we study it ALL! Phodu naa? Upar se humanities department ko bhi jhelna padta hai. OK, I admit-we are the phodu-est of all (Yes you can definitely pat our back :P).

Truly speaking during the freshman’s year we heard certain non-euphonic facts regarding this branch-
1. It is the toughest branch. Bauhat padhna padta hai.
2. You need to attend a lot of classes. No mass bunks.
3. Job nahi lagti

And I was like-‘Kisne kaha tha mech se slide karwa ke ece le lo…ab bhukto :|’. Howbeit from time to time we realized that 1, 2 and 3 are mere myths. Regarding Point no 1 every individual has his or her own perspective. But you can always be a ‘Decent pointer someone’ by studying just few hours before the exam (like I do). Point no 2-ahem ahem; you gotta be kidding me. Mass bunk karna toh hamari ragon mein hai. Trust me you’ll be bored of not-attending-classes and your non-tronix friends will be jealous of you for the same. Point no 3- we again proved it wrong and had ‘faad’ placements this year. We made it not only to the core companies of electrical and electronics but also to software and business companies pretty well. On the top of it all A FACEBOOK employee is our batchie. Do I need to say more?

This post couldn’t be completed without special mention to EL-3. A combo of naughtiest of guys and cutest of girls it is the most awesome batch ever. Copying is their best policy. Seldom did their circuits worked. They believe that Mass bunk is their birth right and have inspired EL-1 and EL-2 for the same. Nevertheless they are the most todu-faadu people in the whole batch. :P

I’m telling you, no need to tell that ECE IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST. We love tronix and proudly boast of being a part of 2k12 batch. We neither studied loads like CS people nor did we attended all classes like trical or mech. We had unlimited fun, did all sorts of pagalpanti and still bagged the best of jobs. Not only this we were equally into culturals and sports. Talent hai boss.We simply rock. Yeah, E.C.E ROCKS (koi doubt mat rakhna).

To Engineer is human, to be a tronixite-divine! :P

~Stay Connected
and Have a Gadget-friendly day!

Pray: 'Agle janam mohe tronix mein hi keejo' :P

PS 1: Time to say Goodbye. ECE you'll be missed a lot! :(
PS 2: No offences to any other branch :P
PS 3: Photo courtesy: A batchmate