Thursday, November 11, 2010

Most prized possessions ...

                                              Unremembered acts of Kindness
                                              Unsaid Words and Unshed Tears,
                                              and an Unborn Dream

                                              are few of my most prized possessions (till date)!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

To all the Sweet Souls...

Hello Everyone,

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it,isn't it?Well,here's my tribute to all the kind ,beautiful and sweet souls for YOUR benign presence on earth which makes this planet a place to live in ,inspite of all the other odds.

YOU bring smile to forlorn faces,
YOU lend your ears when somebody really needs one,
YOU inspire people to success ,
YOU keep hope alive in humanity,
YOU care for everyone around,
and offer your helping hands,
YOU encourage people with your promising words
YOU spread love and happiness in the aura you happen to be
and YOUR ever so beautiful thoughts radiate positivism in space..........

In all ,YOU touch lives in your own special way ,enriching them each day passing by. The light of the Lord that burns within YOU, kindles the dying flame of despondent souls.


WE are truly blessed to have YOU.

Be the way YOU are,always, for the world really needs YOU!

Stay Happy,Stay blessed! 


PS:We always criticize the wrong but seldom do we praise the right ones.This was a small attempt from my side to thank all the sweet souls round the earth for their goodness including you.

PS:Since this post is all about YOU, write something about YOURSELF instead of commenting on how I have written this post,and if not,a simple smiley would do!