Friday, December 16, 2011

I wish to hear a love story...

I wish to hear a love story. Real. Simple. Pure. A love story which did not just happened out of mere need or want or even passion but was delicately destined in the womb of the universe. A story which is more beautiful than God’s finest creations-rains, stars, butterflies, roses and rainbows. A story which is its own exemplary, into this earth but just out of this world! A story which does not tells about love at first sight. Instead portrays how it lasted till the last breath. A story where there is no separation or dying together but undying togetherness and a longing to live more (obviously until God’s own will). A real story which is dreamier than all the alluring dreams there could ever be. I wish to hear such a love story where two hearts are glued with utmost honesty and mutual respect. A story whose essence can ne’er be captured by camera or woven into words. A story where there’s no first, second or last but one, just one –a ‘one man woman’ and a ‘one woman man’ ideally made for each other. A story where love reflects care and care reflects love. A story where the relationship is above any earthly thought or material desires. A story where pain of one trickles down through the eyes of other, bliss of one doubly shimmers on the lips of other. A story where life itself is a romantic song and living is dancing to the tunes of it. I wish to hear a love story where charm at 59 is more imposing than that at 21. A story where there is a silent promise of being always there and an implicit commitment for other’s well-being. A story where the two laugh together, play together, dance together, sing together, dream together, work together, eat together, pray together………live together ………in resonance. A story which talks of love between two very beautiful people(beautiful you know?) swinging in the sea of love adorned with islands of trust, innocence, wisdom, compassion, understanding and everything angelic you can think of. I wish to hear such a story where even knowing the two lovers can bring you close to your own love. A story which can rekindle your faith in humanity. A story which can wet your eyes and distill your heart. A story which can strike few chords of your inside violin. A story where two splendid souls make a perfect couple and you fall in love with the duo. A story which is not a matter of few minutes or hours or even years but starts from forever and lasts till eternity. A story which every guy or girl would wish to be his or hers. A story where the benevolence of two is not only limited to them but to everyone around. Yes a story about two good people in the best of intimacies.
                     In the current bad-new-times I wish to hear such a love story……….I really wish……………!