Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Sparrow, with Love

I remember the times O Sparrow
When I was young and you were little
Days began with your rhythmic chirrups
And evenings spoke of my innocent twiddles.

Your nest was an oft visited place
During playtime in sunny weather
I was amazed at the way you sewed it all
Twigs and yarns and feathers.

My garden was more beckoning
When you sang there with your troop
Daffodils and Butterflies danced
And I fostered you with drupes.

I daily gazed at the eternal sky
And watched you fly high ,in blue extremes
Your vigor,your freedom and your abiding bustle
Intrigued me to live my Dreams.

I remember the times O Sparrow
When a storm struck us both
You coped up the next day ,I heard your song
It rejuvenated, my heart and hope.

You often came and sat by my verandah
And were ne’er afraid of me
You made my ambience cheerful
And I just loved your very being!

Ah! But O little birdie, where have you
disappeared now?Long time,no see!
I just miss your soulful songs
PS: The House Sparrow is now a disappearing species.To raise an awareness among people,World Sparrow Day is observed every year on March 20th(It started in 2010only).The theme for this year is :"Chirp for the Sparrow,tweet for the Sparrow".


  1. wow.thats awesome.i salute ur lovely effort.

  2. @some unspoken words: thank you for the immediate read...and for appreciating :)

  3. Dis lovely effort counts n matter a lot... v ol need to cum 4ward to save da li'l bird... thnx Saumya for bein concern enuf to write dis lovely poem :)

  4. Oh, I too miss the house sparrow, I remember how it fearlessly made nests under our rooftops.

    Nice work Saumya

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. It was awesome Saumya..!! Even I m missing Butterflies, sparrow n all..!! :|
    Its Amazing to let us remind of them by such B'ful words!!

  6. @Blasphemous Aesthete: thank you :)

  7. @Sniggi:hmmnn....thank you dearest :) :)

  8. touching, inspiring and awakening! :)


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