Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm an Ordinary Man!

I'm an Ordinary man!

With small fortune
and equally small ability
I take Life
as it comes
making joyous compromises
each day
every moment
I'm an Ordinary man!

I'm not perfect
Neither do I have an extra-ordinary talent
I'm no stylish,no special
my heart doesn't desire much.
I have my warts and weaknesses
in full acceptance
Slow and stupid
many a times
I'm an Ordinary man!

My world is narrowly confined
to the immediate ambience
where I often cultivate
I have a small family
and few friends
I love them a lot
they love me too
I'm an Ordinary man!

I'm unnoticeable in the crowd
unobserved I travel down the paths
I'm never a 'centre of attraction'
I'm seldom highlighted
or paid attention
I'm an Ordinary man!

I do not always know
which way to go
my dreams are little
my prayers big
I take second chances
but not too many 'risks'
I'm an Ordinary man!

I say no to tyranny
to power
to things unethical
of which
I'm the ultimate sufferer
Very calmly I intake
all injustice
without any resistance
'coz I'm an Ordinary man!

The mere absence of sadness
makes me happy
I'm astouded
by natural beauty
I can be innocent
and simultaneously wise
I'm living a very ordinary life
I'm an Ordinary man!

I do not have a vision
Or a purpose dignified
I live life on the daily basis
Trying to push things in hand
A little up
A little higher
every moment
so as to 'not lose'
Seeking happiness
in small little pleasures
trying best
not to be unkind
I’m an ordinary man!

Unlamented I'll die one day
My name will not be etched
anywhere in space and time
'cept in the hearts of few akin
I’m an ordinary man!

But I'm not alone you see
there are many,untold like me
living a tiny
yet satisfying life


  1. simply awesome. It seems the identity n existance of so mny ppl in d wrld includine ME just found its voice. d description extends frm minus infinity to plus infinity on an ordinary man's line of thought. A post complete in itself.take a bow.ur bst wrk till date,obvsly as per my opinion. :)

  2. @maverick: you just made my day...thanks a tonne...this post just came naturally....straight from heart....truest feelings...may be that's why 'the best'...for I'm too there in the group :)

  3. absolutely fantastic !!
    n dat is the viewpoint of another ordinary girl :)

  4. and yet, I believe that if the person found Love, be it in a person, or in a hobby or in anything for that matter, and he pursued it, and got a chance to be happy over those small things that you so beautifully described, he was a special man, not just ordinary.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. @Blasphemous Aesthete: hmmn...ordinarily special :)....thanks for the read :)


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