Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just the way you are...

Do I love you because of the clothes you wear?
Nah! I could see through your soul~beautifully draped in rainbows!!

Do I love you because of the way you talk?
Nah! I love the symphony in your silence,the song in your smile!!

Do I love you because of the way you care for people?
Nah! It's because of the way you don't care for yourself!!(Not fair :( )

Do I love you because of the way you are wise and intelligent?
Nopes! It's because of the way you are innocent,and cute and stupid ,all in a blink of my eye!!

Do I love you because of the way you speak?
Nah! It's because of the eloquence in your eyes!!

Are you in my life because you are beautiful?
No! It's because life seems beautiful when you are around!!

Do I love you because of the dreams you weave?
Nah! It's because of the reality you adore!!

Do I love you because of the way you love me?
Nah! It's because of the way you make me love myself, even more !!

Do I love you because you exactly match the one I always desired of in my own world of fantasy?
Oh No!  you are much much more than what I could ever imagine,than what I could ever ask HIM,more alluring than the one I ever dreamt of!!

Do I love you because of the way YOU are?
YES!  just the way YOU are,simply the way YOU are.Your perfections,imperfections,your virtues,your vice,your truths,your lies, I love all,all,all of them.


PS:Random Scribbling!


  1. "I CELEBRATE YOU & I LOVE US !!" - what a way to put it!

    wonderful post :)

  2. God bless this love...

    I find it cute and the last lines "I CELEBRATE YOU & I LOVE US !!".. well classy.... your signature really adds to the post.... and is particularly becoming on this one :)

  3. @Rashmi: hehe....thanks dear...glad you liked it :)

  4. If love was to happen was a reason... It wouldn't be love..

  5. @Deepika: hii...I think on a different line...acccord to me there IS always a reason to 'LOVE' and the reason is nothing but the 'YOU' we fall in love virtues,,no vices,no goods no bads no looks no's the 'Youness' in the other person which takes our heart away !!

  6. if ever i hv a galfrnd i will copy dese glorious lines to impress her, awesome wrkkk dear, impressv very mpressv, lucky guy he is

  7. Love is something that can't be expressed in words can it be..and the moment we do it loses its sheen...ain't it just like the 7 colours of the rainbow !

    Nice one....and the pic is cute :)

    Take Care.

  8. and i luv u for ur oh so amazing posts babe, missed ya.......

  9. @vineet: thanks for dropping by!!

  10. @Fatima: truly ineffable it is :)...thanks for the read :)

  11. @saanjh:thank you dear...where have you been...long time,no see? :)

  12. Beautiful. Reasons for love do not matter at all to the writer here, they are just medium for her to express her love. isn't it?

  13. @Harshad sir:Ditto!thanks a zillion for understanding the writer's view point :)


  14. Thanks Saumya you invited me here.. I like your writings.. I loved this one on love.. I had written two lines when we had the prompt love...last year...

    Letting 'love' to be
    That's love to me..

    I think we both are talking the same thing..

    do visit to have a look on my write for OSI..

  15. @Ramesh Sir: It really feels great to be appreciated by you sir...I love your writings a lot...yes we both are talking the same thing...and it's really amazing how you put it in exactly two lines...thank you for visiting!


  16. i toldja babe....those sucky exams.....thats wer i've been...

  17. aaah..the love in true form is smthng alian to me, somthing enegmatic. N this post does no good to d doubt ,it just adds to the mystry. Again the presentation is superb .in true sense u r a make up artist,who can make anythng look better.

  18. :) :)
    made me smile through tears...
    it was just amazing...

    i love that thing abt ur blog
    it always leaves the lingering feeling


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