Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Few illustrations....on living!

-        Rohan has always inherited his elder brother’s books, clothes and even toys. Seldom is it that he gets a new one owing to financial crisis in the family. But ne’er has he lodged a complaint. In fact he welcomes every ‘change’ with a broadened smile and (seemingly) enthused attitude.

-        Yesterday was Mr. and Mrs. Mathur’s 25th wedding anniversary. To no doubts there wasn’t any celebration except that the couple went to a temple and Aarti prepared ‘Matar-Paneer’ for dinner. It’s their eldest (of the three) daughter’s marriage in a month. Lots of work pending. Mr. Mathur’s eyes gleam with an echoing contentment as he espies the white, shiny, newly purchased i20 in his verandah (the only four-wheeler). Yes, the one he is gifting to his daughter. He (with his family) had let go umpteenth small little pleasures, everybody knows, for the big day.

-        Radhika started tailoring in her house a year ago. Now she gets enough orders that can suitably finance food for her family, books for her two children, clothes twice a year and may be a little more sometimes. Her husband was a security guard in some agency. But after a rigorous accident he couldn’t stand on both legs and was obviously thrown out of the job. Though he tried various other options but nothing really worked. Frustrated, he cursed his disability destiny. It was then that Radhika took the responsibility. And she is doing pretty well today. Shyam,................. her husband, does the household chores. Though Radhika insisted she’ll manage but he never allows her except to do the dishes. Laxmi helps her father in the kitchen when she is done with her homework and daily studies. Shyam also does all the outside work. He often goes to the market to get grocery and stuff….stationary and toffees for the kids and not to forget…………colorful threads ………… and beautiful bindis ………………..for his wife.

-        Simran has just typed her resignation letter. Her husband works in a reputed MNC in Bangalore and has a handsome package. Simran also worked in a software company in Pune. Nah, not for riches but she was ambitious like many others and wanted to make it big. Recently she has been blessed with twins. There’s no one in the relations except her father-in-law. ‘Family comes first’, she understands. ‘May be some other time’.

-        Aayesha had to settle for a mediocre college, though she knows she deserved better; Paras couldn’t get into his dream company; Reehan lost in the battle of love…..but today ……………………they all have "moved on" in life! ………….”It just ain't possible to explain some things.  It's interesting to wonder on them and do some speculation, but the main thing is you have to accept it--take it for what it is, and get on with your growing.”(Jim Dodge)
. . .

Life is less about Stars,Butterflies and Rainbows …………..and more about Compromises, Adjustments........ and Acceptance!

PS:Illustrations are all real.However names are randomly chosen.Please overlook.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A November night

It was a quiescent November night. Cold and murky. I was standing by my window in my most comfortable attires. The not-so-notorious clouds had bedimmed the gems of the sky .Not even a single star could be spotted in the ambit of my pertinent vision. The milieu was all motionless, dormant. ’Twas as if nature too was slipping slowly under the masquerade of darkness akin to its people who were already in slumber land. There was no gushing of winds, no chirping of birds, no rustling of leaves, no twinkling of stars, no noise off-lying, no, absolutely nothing! Despite there was a unique harmony in the atmosphere, an unusual luster in the sky and a magical symphony in the silence.

 The street lamps were lit in the wake of travelers if any .But, in vain. The roads were all deserted. However the warmth of their yellow lightning was quite soothing to their sole spectator. The only movement was of my eyeballs scanning the whole surrounding. And the only clamor was of the transaction of oxygen and carbon dioxide my lungs were monitoring. Surprisingly my mind as well as heart was dried of thoughts. No dreams. No planning. No to-do-lists. There were no regrets from the day before and no expectations from the day after. There was no yearning to fly high and touch the sky. But …………..a natural, involuntary wish to just walk……..walk endlessly barefoot on the road ………….and to feel and see and stare and listen….anything….perchance everything.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Dream Job(s)

It all began when I was in I-D and had to write an essay on 'My Class Teacher '. Surprisingly,for the first time I got a full star on it.Since then‘Teacher-Teacher’ (and not 'Ghar-Ghar') was my favorite game and I earnestly wanted to be one. I was hell excited to write ’very poor’ in the copy of my students ,to scold them and make them stand on their bench and to take them for picnic in ‘Hathi Park’(revenge you know,revenge :P). The other reason was that I’ll get to wear my mom’s high heels, beautiful sarees and can even use her makeup kit. *wink*

But then unfortunately, in a year or two(class III or IV) my love for cakes and pastries and chocolates out weighted my earlier zest. It was when my mom denied me a pack of chocolates saying ‘Daant kharab ho jaayenge” and on the spot I decided to own a Bakery shop one day.I often pictured myself supping blackforests and temptations all day long. (Slurp! Slurp!) When I told about my 'dream project' to my uncle he explained (after LOL-ing) how I’ll be at loss and that one day I’ll run out of money to buy more stuff for my shop. The clever me had an intelligent solution to the big problem-“Papa is always there, no?”But bade log ........ bade log. He put forth “Why not do something else, earn enough money and buy yourself lavishly all what you desire?” Well, how in the world could you win an argument with a stubborn child?(I mean you don't need to study more for being a shopkeeper plus you'll get to eat so many mouth-watering things whenever desired plus you can have TV in your shop to watch Pogo all time plus you can have holidays anytime every-time and blah blah blah).Poor Uncle Scrooge!

All thanks to DD-1 for diverting my mind. During those days (class IV or V) it featured one serial called ‘Aarohan’ which had Pallavi Joshi as a Navy cadet. I followed it strictly. Her ‘Washing powder Nirma’ washed ultra white uniform, smart looks, never-give-up attitude and stern patriotism intrigued me to be like her. The blue waters and the mighty ships were no less captivating. Opposite to Pallavi was a handsome hunk who was an air force pilot. He was so damn cute.His eyes, OMG what brilliance they had.Ummn…but soon the series ended. Studies began. My childhood fascination was thrown into a deep slumber. Slowly and steadily I forgot him, I mean Pallavi joshi…ehh…I mean ‘navy-mania’. The only thing I remembered then was that chemical formula of water is H2O.Whatever!

The intelligent me soon realized that I had to earn enough money(something like 30 thousand 40 crores 25 arabs 19 thousand 2 hundred 63 billions and 55 rupees :P) to meet all basic necessities of life- roti,kapda aur makan internet, shopping and bank balance. Nonetheless the frequency and range of my ‘Dream jobs’ was apparently quite high. It varied from tourist guide to bank manager, from pilot to interior designer and from astronaut to astrologer. It kept changing and changing until I landed on the highly overrated ‘High school’ landmark. At this stage I don’t know from when, where and how I came to know that I have to be an Engineer IITian and should struggle hard for the same in 10+2. But,in vain.(No,no regrets today!!)

As to this date,  I’m on the verge of being graduated as a “Bachelor of Technology’( a non-IITian to be more specific),that too placed in a business firm. :D

It’s like,
‘Many’ roads diverged in a wood
I took the one ‘most’ travelled by
& Still thinking to make the ‘difference’!!.....:)

Did I told ya that my un-dear and dear ones always had a feeling that most likely I would be a doctor. I wish they knew that it takes me around half-an-hour to intake one 250mg tablet that too with a bottle of water and a packet of chips! Heha!!

So this was the whole twined transition.God bless my unstable mind.Howbeit,a happy heart is all that matters in the end,no?

~keep smiling