Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Few Little but Favorite Moments /Things

Having read many Favorite-things-list,here comes mine (in no specific order)
  1. Papa making tea for me and mamma :D (though it's once in a blue moon but still you love it)
  2. Mamma chumpy-ing oil on hair :)
  3. Pillow fighting with siblings/friends :P
  4. Getting wet in rains and then having pyaaz ke pakode with adrak ki chai :)
  5. A quiet beachside walk in the night with the wind blowing softly
  6. Giving a cute smile to a kid or a baby stranger :D
  7. Tripling on Scooty/Bike
  8. Driving at more than 60km/h on Highway
  9. A hand made Greeting Card :)
  10. A hand written letter :)
  11. A simple "Good Morning/Good Night" message without any forwarded text
  12. Finding money in your pockets after the clothes are thoroughly washed away
  13. Crayons
  14. Gel pens
  15. Parle-G (yeah,my favorite :D)
  16. Waking up at 2:00 in the night and finding something to eat
  17. Writing your name on a fogged up mirror/car window or on sand
  18. Bonfire in winters
  19. Laughing so hard that you start to cry
  20. A call from a distant dear friend
  21. Looking at Old Photo albums/Reading Slambook
  22. Old faded but favorite jeans
  23. Vacants in Time-Table or a surprise official Off :D (like the one we had today :) or bunking the class(es) and outing with friends
  24. Dairy Milk on a gloomy day
  25. Window Shopping
  26. Watching sunset with a cup of strong coffee,and thinking absolutely nothing!
  27. Roadside food (esp chaat and golpappe :D)
  28. Reading a romantic novel in lamp light with few soft tracks in background
  29. Your favorite song playing in radio
  30. When all of a sudden you come to know that some so and so was doing your "Peeth peeche taareef" :P
  31. Gifts,both getting and giving :)
  32. A really soft pillow
  33. Waking up and realizing you still have a few minutes left till the alarm sounds
  34. Mamma ya Papa ke haath se khana khana when you slept early or you are ill and you are 19 :D
  35. Yelling yourself hoarse when India's winning and doing totkas when it's not :P
  36. Calling a friend's name aloud when her/his crush is passing by :P
  37. A total stupid,baseless,irrelevant conversation with some cool,idiot people you call 'Friends' :P
  38. The 'Traveling' part of a trip
  39. A sincere apology and an unexpected Thank you note
  40. The last five minutes of a ridiculously boring lecture and then immediately rushing to the water cooler
  41. Eating in class,when the teaching is on :P
  42. Taking a photo at exactly the right moment
  43. Chocolate Cake
  44. Smell of earth after downpour
  45. Sleeping under the stars
  46. Laughing at something silly that you did
  47. An honest Compliment/Appreciation by someone who really matters
  48. Childhood memories
  49. A beautiful dream in the morning hours,which you manage to remember
  50. Talking about cartoon/comics that you read as kids with someone who read them too(Champak,Tinkle,Chacha Chaudhary,Flintstones,Teletubbies,Tom and Jerry. Anyone?)
  51. That 15 minutes nap in Exam time
  52. Holding hands without thinking :)
  53. Rains,Snowfall
  54. A Hug,when you need it most
  55. School teachers who still remember you
  56. Getting someone a present which they long desired and watching the look on their face as they open it
  57. Tears of joy
  58. Revived and nicely pressed cotton clothes
  59. The sound of flowing water
  60. Birthday Wishes
  61. Turning off all the lights,looking into the starry sky and thinking life's good :)
  62. Power cuts and then gathering on terrace/ground-playing,talking etc etc
  63. Bookmarks,Reminders
  64. Blessings
  65. That feel good factor when you see someone's smiling and you know You are the reason behind it :)
    PS:Okies so this is all what I could think of now. I know there are countably infinite awesome things that could be added to the list.Will soon come with another one :)
     ~Smiles :)


      1. Ptach up wid da dear frnd after a silly fight... :)

      2. I am amazed at how someone can have such a huge list of things that matter so much... love this list... looking forward to the "another one"

      3. no wonder u made that list urself....

      4. @monali:yeah....this is surely gonna be there in my next list :)

      5. @Divesh:thank you so so much :)

      6. @Ujjawal:Obviously I made it myself...thank you for the read :)

      7. Superb..... perhaps exhaustive coverage of all anyone cld think of!!! I wanna experience all these wid my best buddies together.... my dearest wish still to come true, hopefully soon :D

      8. absolutely loved every bit of it!!! :)

      9. And such joys make this life beautiful! :)

        And a Hug is the best anyone can have!

      10. Simple pleasures, yet enough to make anybody smile... through you. :)

        Blasphemous Aesthete

      11. @Shaggy: ty ty :D....but dearest wish :O :O

      12. @Anshul Sir: my pleasure....thank you :)

      13. my goodness! ur blog seems to be an entirely different world..always lovely n refreshing! wotta collection! ..hats off,yet again! :)

      14. @Maverick:hehe....thanks a always lift up my spirits....thank you :)

      15. @Sourav:thanks for dropping by :)

      16. Really creative and beautiful!!!!
        Have a Great Time!!

      17. When I read a comment on my blog and I know that the person has actually understood it.

        When I see my brothers gelling with each other.

        When I notice the small cracks in a voice, which tell me how much the owner of the voice has waited for my voice

        When I see my father getting all dressed up; getting a compliment and getting happy about it

        I had created a similar page long time back... you can add all of that to this list... really this are some amazing things... when we think of these we are actually counting our blessing...

        Last one to be added... "all such moments when we think of these few little but favorite moments/things"

      18. @RM:thank you so much dear for the mentioned some amazingly awesome things here...and and and....i loved the last one :)


      I care for your views...