Thursday, November 17, 2011

A November night

It was a quiescent November night. Cold and murky. I was standing by my window in my most comfortable attires. The not-so-notorious clouds had bedimmed the gems of the sky .Not even a single star could be spotted in the ambit of my pertinent vision. The milieu was all motionless, dormant. ’Twas as if nature too was slipping slowly under the masquerade of darkness akin to its people who were already in slumber land. There was no gushing of winds, no chirping of birds, no rustling of leaves, no twinkling of stars, no noise off-lying, no, absolutely nothing! Despite there was a unique harmony in the atmosphere, an unusual luster in the sky and a magical symphony in the silence.

 The street lamps were lit in the wake of travelers if any .But, in vain. The roads were all deserted. However the warmth of their yellow lightning was quite soothing to their sole spectator. The only movement was of my eyeballs scanning the whole surrounding. And the only clamor was of the transaction of oxygen and carbon dioxide my lungs were monitoring. Surprisingly my mind as well as heart was dried of thoughts. No dreams. No planning. No to-do-lists. There were no regrets from the day before and no expectations from the day after. There was no yearning to fly high and touch the sky. But …………..a natural, involuntary wish to just walk……..walk endlessly barefoot on the road ………….and to feel and see and stare and listen….anything….perchance everything.



  1. wonderful write up, reflects the signs of a budding writer. The ink needs to keep flowing...

  2. Hey Saumya, very nicely expressed.. could feel it! keep up the good work..;)

  3. kabhi kabhi khud se is tarah bhi milte rahna chaahiye .....great expression :)

  4. @Beyond:thanks....amen :)

    @Pramoda:thank you :)

    @Vandana:truly so...thanks :)

    @Maverick: thank you :)

  5. very very touching..
    it vaguely reminded me of a scene in dil toh pagal hai..

    November just turned special even for me. :)


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