Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Girl

A Little Girl I know
Naive, just four
Her Innocence’s ever charming
Her Sweetness names her a darling.
She has a crystal clear soul
O! She’s purer than the pure!

She dances out in the rain
Her tiny feet twirl and part
She sings aloud in her garden
To the tunes of her heart
Without much ado
To the eyes discerning her.

Life is fair to her
As are grandma’s fairy tales
The world is good at large
As her doll house entails.
She’s papa’s boy
She’s mama’s girl
Her aura brimming with love
Unaware of the tide, yet to unfurl.

For she couldn’t fathom
The endless worries
her mother’s eyes emanate
Neither the protective ways
her father resonates
All she wants is
To grow up, to grow big, very big
Like her Mama
So that she could fit in
In her high heeled shoes
(very pretty they are, to her).

Innocence is so much vulnerable,no?


  1. thats so so sweet.. loved it

  2. As sweet as the 'Little sweet girl" of your poem.
    You played with the words nicely. Really very creative. Congrats.

  3. Cute, beautiful. But you know what was the best part ?..... the last line… “innocence is so much vulnerable,no? “
    Diamond stays a diamond through its journey from the earth’s gut only if it shoots up real fast through Kimberlite pipes to the earth’s surface else it doesn't stay a diamond (it becomes graphite). I wish we could make some such Kimberlite pipe for these sinless creations, so that when they become men and women of the world, they stay what they are now, untouched, pure, innocent.

    This is a thought that often crosses my mind when I see my nephew.... think you can relate to it

    Nice write up

    Take care

  4. @Rashmi:so truly said....thank you for sharing the too wanna be 'A little girl' no matter how old I grow....wish the innocence could persist forever :)


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