Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Eloquent Silence

Here as I stand on the kerb of my balcony,
Forlorned, wretched ,as if a woe betide.
Venturing to unravel the bizarre cacophony,
Of the reapers and the sailors ,of the tits and the tides.

The pluvial pearls pattering the floor,
Songbirds crooning hitherto to azure.
And the quavering foliage whispering in my ears,
Crescending the tumult, the windy veers.

Townies trundling , Oh! the tittle-tattle meet,
Kids making merry, boys strumming down the streets.
Hawkers howling at the vortex of the voice,
Adding to the bongo, the banger device.

Even the artefacts ,the clock ,ticking at pace,
The wind chimes jingling ,perhaps struggling in the race.
Then the phone bell ranged ,oaf, another cry,
And there in the kitchen ,the vent blew high.

Ah! all judders ..hammering my tympanum,
Be it whispers, slurps,ditty or hum.
For everything is sonorous ,and everyone has to aver,
Save two in the milieu ,the quietus ever.......

Quietus ever , I couldn’t make out why?
All seasons ,all occasions , tacit and shy.
Perhaps abstaining ,from escalating the symphony,
Or are the sole listeners , of all enigma, all euphony.

But silence is also the veneer of noise,
Eventually thwarted ,revealed in disguise.
Still they are mute, subdued ,and might remain to be,
The Saviour the Mighty ,and the Solitary Me………..
PS:This is one of my older writes.Just wanted to post it here!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Few Random Clicks

“Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out."(Dave Matthew)

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator."(M.K.Gandhi)

Super Moon Dated March 19,2011

PS:All pics are taken by your's truly ME :).They are original,unedited.Looking forward to some good photography.

~Smiles,love and prayers 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Late at night,Life revived

LOST,Late at night
Through the window in the right
I espy the umpteenth aura
Of shimmering species
Smouldering within
Yet sedating enough
Bedecking the purple sky!
Delves in my SOLITUDE!

On spur of the moment
A silky zephyr
Gushes across my being
Emancipating all thoughts
Of hope and happiness
Of fear and sadness
And of dreams and madness
Taking all my turbulence away!

The vastness of the blue meadows outside
Intrigue me to explore the vastness within
I close my eyes a little for a while
And all I could feel
Is a SOUL dyed BLUE
So seemingly to the azure above
and then out of the blue
“Make it luminous”,
I heard HIS voice
“Beautify the world inside
And thus the beholder outside !
WINS and FAILURES are like
Blue-black clouds
Kindle your soul
With eternal brilliance of STARS
of LOVE and of VALUES
And thine shall shine forever !"

I breathed out heavily
HE is right conceivably!
I ogled again
At the blue-gray sky
tip turned my eyes a bit
And the ORION now appeared
More like a BUTTERFLY !
I embraced it with a welcoming smile
And the first thought
That immediately occupied my mind
“The world isn’t that bad girl
Neither is life !
just shape-shift your perspective a bit ."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On this Woman’s day for all days to come

Hello All,

Today on this Woman's Day I'm not here to boast of my genre something like "Do you know why God Created Man 1st and then Woman? Cause you need a rough Draft before creating a master piece." This is one of the messages I got today.Total crap,ain't it? I won't be bragging here about my "Greatness" like “I’m a cute daughter,I’m a sweet sister,I’m a lovely lover, I’m to-be-a-darling wife ,I’m to-be-an-adorable mother so on and on and on”.Neither would I speak of “the heavenly fire that kindles my heart and soul”,that I’m a source of immense strength, that I could move mountains,that I could touch the sky,that I’m ever smiling,ever tempting,ever kind,ever patient, ,uncomplaining, compromising dot dot dot.

Instead,today I earnestly wish for something.It’s not that I’m against the aforesaid ideas(Infact I would love to be so) but why always such obligations?Why so many expectations?Why idealizations?Why stereotypifications?Why can’t I just celebrate Myself without considering the roles I play in other people’s life?I also have the same set of ideas,ambitions and emotions as the other ‘humans’ (read men)have.So if they can why can’t I live my dreams,why can’t I make mistakes,why can’t I be selfish,and why can’t I complain?Why?I also have got just one life,no?

I’m always of the belief that men and women are different and equal.Two sides of the same coin,we complete each other.God created us that way.We should appreciate this difference.But it’s really sad that we are always verbally attacking each other to project that one is superior to other.Grow up people!!It’s high time.

Well,here’s my wishlist on this Woman’s day for all days to come:

I don’t want to be compared to anyone or against any benchmark.
I don’t want to be judged based on some pseudo- standards and preconceived ideas.
I just want to live my life with peace and independence, doing small things that make me happy and the world a better place. I want freedom to choose and decide for myself.
In my small way I want to be a part of this world and make small little contributions.
I don’t want to be discriminated against or be subject to bias.
I don’t want reservations or special privileges but I don’t want to be deprived of my basic rights either.
I have a right to say no.I have a right to be heard.

I want that I could walk/drive on the street without having someone wink/ whistle/ hoot/ hum/ stare.
I want that I could cycle down a long quiet road, whistling in the rain, enjoying the drops on my bare arms and legs, without worrying that it’s getting dark.
I want that I could travel loads and loads with mine girl-friends,without being ‘unsafe’
I want that at some 1:45 AM in the night I could go to the terrace and play my guitar,whenever desired.
I want that I could say what I want, when I want, without people going ‘haaawwww!’
I want that I could wear what I want without aunties looking at me like I’m a bad indecent girl or that I have no morals or whatever.
I want to be accepted as I am…I want to celebrate the idea that I am a Woman.

Nothing more,Nothing less!!

PS:This is not exclusively my writeup.I read this wishlist  here and here,and  hence the post.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm an Ordinary Man!

I'm an Ordinary man!

With small fortune
and equally small ability
I take Life
as it comes
making joyous compromises
each day
every moment
I'm an Ordinary man!

I'm not perfect
Neither do I have an extra-ordinary talent
I'm no stylish,no special
my heart doesn't desire much.
I have my warts and weaknesses
in full acceptance
Slow and stupid
many a times
I'm an Ordinary man!

My world is narrowly confined
to the immediate ambience
where I often cultivate
I have a small family
and few friends
I love them a lot
they love me too
I'm an Ordinary man!

I'm unnoticeable in the crowd
unobserved I travel down the paths
I'm never a 'centre of attraction'
I'm seldom highlighted
or paid attention
I'm an Ordinary man!

I do not always know
which way to go
my dreams are little
my prayers big
I take second chances
but not too many 'risks'
I'm an Ordinary man!

I say no to tyranny
to power
to things unethical
of which
I'm the ultimate sufferer
Very calmly I intake
all injustice
without any resistance
'coz I'm an Ordinary man!

The mere absence of sadness
makes me happy
I'm astouded
by natural beauty
I can be innocent
and simultaneously wise
I'm living a very ordinary life
I'm an Ordinary man!

I do not have a vision
Or a purpose dignified
I live life on the daily basis
Trying to push things in hand
A little up
A little higher
every moment
so as to 'not lose'
Seeking happiness
in small little pleasures
trying best
not to be unkind
I’m an ordinary man!

Unlamented I'll die one day
My name will not be etched
anywhere in space and time
'cept in the hearts of few akin
I’m an ordinary man!

But I'm not alone you see
there are many,untold like me
living a tiny
yet satisfying life

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Way of Life

Think Big

Do Good

Be Nice

and Relish every small Pleasure in Life.