Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's so much there in the 'Surname'?

In every home a burning ghat
In every home a gallows
In every home are prison walls
Colliding against the walls
She falls ......................................

Sati System,Female Foeticide,Dowry Deaths,Honour Killing.Any guesses what's next in the 'honourable' series?The scenario today is Grandmothers killing grand daughters,brothers killing sisters,Mothers slaughtering daughters and Fathers smothering sons.Murder of the BLOOD,by the BLOOD ,for the BLOOD.Who said Man was born free.I'm amazed at this horrendous show of man's inhumanity to man.Truly awestruck.And the irony is that these barbarous and  savages justify their 'deeds' under the aegis of 'FAMILY HONOUR'.

We all grow up with the weight of history on us.  Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains.Probably that's the reason we look forward to Best lifestyles,Vision 2020,'Educated Society' but we cannot do away with CASTEISM  and COMMUNALISM.It is not only limited to the lower strata but to the 'high-born' equally. I wonder what's so much there in the 'SURNAME' that differentiates between humans,that brings the devil inside out ,that causes a huge massacre of love ,of emotions,of feelings,of bonds and of relationships. Incidentally and interestingly, it is ironic to see participants in the debate over the caste census argue that ideally, caste should be done away with ‘except in matters of marriage’!Anything more stupid ?We all are against RESERVATIONS but we do not support Inter-cast Marriages.I have no other words, but I feel pity on the narrow-mindedness of the 'intelligent elites'.

Is it always the Caste factor or something else?Probably loving-against-the-will-of-parents.Whatever it is ,the 'mindsets' will have to change to match the pace of fast-moving -world.



  1. Murder of the BLOOD,by BLOOD ,for the BLOOD....yes i agree...there is a magic in your pen.

  2. thank you sir!....thanks for being at my place.

  3. Saumya,

    This is the Irony. Intellectuals are not realizing the worth of their intellect , it's going waste aimlessly.

    How long these killings will continue? One day the when no woman will be left to kill, then they will start killing their brothers, then parents.

    After all catastrophe is not far away.

  4. I think instead of killing, they should be respecting women more because womens are the one carries the world. Love the topic.

  5. It is -- honor killing -- honor is killed.

  6. These are all the real superstitions that r driving people in wrong path.. as u said in the last punch line, i agree that completely... these need to be changed and as people we shall change first..

    nice post Saumya..:)

  7. @Divya: truly said...catastrophe is not far away...thanks for giving your views.

  8. @Rajat: nah...conscience is killed!

  9. @Pramoda:yeah,rightly said...thank you so much :)

  10. nicely written saumya
    awesome work

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  11. Well....Honor killing can't be justified whatsoever. We don,t have any rights to kill anyone. I think I understand those facts, which make it happens.

    The thing is that, the new generation is just not ready to listen to their parents. It's not ready to understand the ground realities. It thinks it has every right to be happy, to do what it thinks, is right. It goes to any extent for its happiness.

    At the same time,don't they have any rights of being happy and feeling respected.

    We can't disagree with the fact that these are parents, who suffer a lot while they bring up their children. And there comes the time when they expect something from their children. At that time most of the children just turn their back. Still parents remain silent. In most cases they don't say anything or complain because they love their children very much. Parents are ready to do anything to any extant for their children sake.

    It is, when the parents feel cheated and hurt ed by their children, they take the extreme step of killing their children. Still they don't feel any happiness in killing their dear ones. But they do feel some satisfaction because their children cheated and hurt ed them. But not every time. Before killing.....they do try their best to make their children understand their(parents) point of view. But our so called new, sometimes very educated too, generation just doesn't try to understand their parents+ p?nt of view.

    Now people will say..parents are bonservative. Their views are outdated, that's why they don't try to understand theirs children point of view. It may be true.

    Actually our parents have to face the society which doesn't forgive anyone who break the societies norms. Don't our parents have any rights to live happily , and with some dignity.

    Our society have some reservations for inter-caste or inter religion marriages. I'm not saying their reservations are reasonable or unreasonable.

    When we marry someone outside our particular cast, or religion or do something that is not acceptable to the society, for example - a medical student delivered her child in the aircraft and tried to abandon the new born in the aircraft's washroom on Wednesday. Now as this news will spread, I'm sure her parents or near family members won't be able to show their face to the society. They are living dead for no fault of theirs. Plenty of such examples can be given here when parents suffer because of their children misdeeds. Ironically every time it is our parents or family members, who face the wrath of the society for theirs children wrong doings. People utter hell against the poor parents. Society makes the life of the poor parents miserable. Parents are left with no option but suicide. More over it is when they didn't do anything wrong.

    In order to avoid all these problems, sometimes parents do something that can not be justified.

    To stop all these honor killings,
    First, we need a society which is more open, we need to try the basic reasons of this problem, actually what lies in the root of this problem? Only when we can stop it.
    At the same time...as children we need to understand our parents sacrifices in our upbringing , theirs well deserved hopes from us. Parents are not wrong every time as the children think. Our parents are everything in our Indian culture. We must not forget it. Our culture is not as bad as young generation thinks.

    On the other hand our parents and family members also need to be more tolerable, more understandable, to be more brave so that they can face the cruel society if the situations demand. Police also can play an important role by protecting those, whose lives are in danger for any reasons. Although I don't think that police can stop this problem alone.

    Every one should understand that the time is changing so we should. I hope things will change for better....................

    May God bless all.

  12. In the third para of my comment.....It should be read as--
    At the same time don,t our our parents
    have any rights of being happy and feeling respected?

  13. so very true..
    wish everyone strats thinking this way

  14. @Virendra ji: I completely agree with you...society must change in accordance with the changing-world...all new things are not bad and all old things are not good (or vice versa),so there should be a proper understanding between the two generations...I have no complains against parents being conservative or their 'expectations from us'...what bothers me is just 'caste discrimination'...thank you for giving your thorough view!

  15. @Deepshikha: thanks!...hope so :)

  16. @Gazal..yeah..thank you for being here!

  17. @Saumya : This is one of the most sensitive and burning issue in our society. Nice post.

    @Virendraji: Somebody has to move out of the herd to bring the change. And for sure people will be hurt by this, unfortunately. Changes are not always welcomed warmly, specially when things change regarding old traditions that have been followed since long time. Marriage, in this case, has been the most sensitive matter. Inter-caste marriage has been facing due troubles but people have finally started accepting it. Frankly speaking you would rarely find a case where parents do inter-caste marriage of their children. This happens only when children ask their parent to do so. I do not favor or oppose any of these because its absolutely personal and family matter of the concerned.


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