Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me in Wonderland

 What would life be without Daydreaming?
Eh!....Scary,isn't it?

Well ,here's 'Me in Wonderland',things  I want to do or I daydream of.

I wanna run in a beach for miles and miles  towards the evanescing sun. I wanna sit at the top of a tall tower late at night for some unknown hours  and continuously eyeshot the aura of twinkling species. I wanna dance in a garden when it’s quietly raining to the beats of some endless music with no one looking around. I wanna walk for hours and hours ,on a cloudy day, in a an endless road  surrounded by the red maple trees on both the sides  and the wind blowing softly and a flute being played in the background (I would not mind , flowers falling on to me as I take my every step forth. :P) .I wanna travel round the whole world, whole world- and appreciate the exquisite creativity of not man less but of God more and capture all in my camera. I wanna climb the Everest atleast once. I wanna do river-rafting in Pacific Ocean round the earth. I wanna sit by the side of a beautiful river in an unknown country and play my guitar. I wanna drive a bike (yeah bike)on a National Highway  at some 100km/hr (with no trucks and cars around) in the midnight. I wanna write a book someday(not a textbook for sure) ,hopefully an international-best-sellar(:P). I wanna rob a bakery shop once(:P)- cakes, pastries and chocolates are ever-so-tempting to me. I wanna shout my name aloud at the dead of the night and hear the echo back.
.............................................................................................................................And the list goes on.

I doubt if even one of these will come true. Yet ‘DREAMING’ alone is BEAUTIFUL. Life is not only facing the REALITY which is at times harsh and bitter but it is also FANTASIZING about the things that you dream of. Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum. They add to our LIFE ,they make us SMILE, they make us INFINITE and somehow kindle us with HOPE and that MATTERS A LOT!

~love and prayers


  1. Amen!

    ye padho... a random funny post i wrote some time back .. :)

  2. there is a life as there is a hope or dreams.

  3. intrsting.. writing skill is amazing ..

  4. Well....There's nothing wrong in dreaming.

    May God Fulfill all your wishes.

  5. beautiful post.... loved it..

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Oh my god, such words of wisdom from a 20 yr old. That last para is just awesome. Write a book and don't worry about it being an international best seller or not. You have that writing genes in you.

  7. Its Interesting...awesome.U r mostwelcome on my blog Shabd-shikhar.

  8. I want to scream out loud with my head submerged in water. Hows that?


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