Saturday, July 10, 2010

It hurts!

Me:  (smilingly)  It's okay.Never mind.
She: You sure naa?
Me:  (a little more smilingly)  Yeah,I'm all fine dear.You carry on.
She:  I knew that.You are so good.Chal,see ya later!

"If only you could see a drop of tear, that fell from the left corner of my eye, just when you turned  back and how quickly I wiped it off."

      At times it hurts.It's just that we do not want to hurt back. But.......It hurts!


  1. **At times it hurts.It's just that we do not want to hurt back. But.......It hurts!

    highlight of the post...Its true :)

  2. Hope u feel better soon..
    Cheer up :)

  3. Oh..My..God. Now this girl wants to make us cry....

    So touching yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. @Prams: yeah...:)...thanks for coming!

  5. @Virendra ji:not at all just happens at times...stay happy :)

  6. Hi Dear,

    This post made me cry! It's so true we dont want to hurt people but people do want to hurt us!

    Take of yourself dear!
    Sabi Sunshine

  7. I disagree with the above comment. No one *wants* to hurt anyone. It just happens. Forgive, and it will feel better.

    Read the following some time ago
    To err is human (a human right), to forgive is human too (a human duty)

  8. अर्ज़ है....
    ऐ रफीक रकाबत अच्छी नहीं, एहतेराम करने वालों से!
    दर्द हमें भी होता है, बेशक शाद रहते हैं!
    रफीक: दोस्त
    रकाबत: झगडा, दुश्मनी वगेहरा
    एहतेराम: इज्ज़त
    शाद: खुश
    सही है कई बार 'क्या हाल होता है और क्या दिखाना पड़ता है', 'मुस्कुराके ग़मों को छिपाना पड़ता है'!

  9. @Sabi Sunshine and Divesh...I'll go midway...a 'hurt' can be intentional and 'unintentional' both.

    @Divesh:agreed...forgiveness should be a human duty...and I do forgive day it's all hurts that moment...:)

  10. @Ashish ji: thank you for these true!

  11. Loved the way you have put it. Touched deep within.


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