Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Letter to God

Dearest God,

I thank You here for all of Your abundant blessings. For sharing with me all the good in this world, for all the joys in my life. For leading me through trials and fears , for showing me the light even in times of great darkness. For giving me strength to come this far, for all of this and much more, I THANK YOU,GOD.

Entangled in the threads of time I own loads of reminiscences to cherish forever and a few very happy moments that will always linger in the immortal part of my memory.Most importantly I do not have any regrets from the past and I'm hopeful enough for the future.And all this makes my present even happier. I'm HAPPY.

There had been spells when I was in low spirits too but thank you Lord for developing in me the understanding that there are people who need your blessings more than I do.I'm saddened heart and soul when I espy crestfallen,unfortunate and distressed faces in the milieu with those "WHY ME?" expressions.I know you strive to make all happy.I also want to volunteer you along.

O dearest Lord help me make an orphan smile.Make me a friend of someone never loved or the one who has always cried alone and never did anyone ever touch their pain.I pray thee to grant my share of happiness to the one who needs it most today-a poor girl who has not eaten since two days and is yet hungry today or a young couple who's only 6 year son is in coma with 6 brain tumors or a woman who lost her husband and 25 year old son in a car accident or a 23 year girl who is ditched badly by her boyfriend.O God give them the courage to fight back.Bless them all.

O Supreme Lord I pray thee
To make my words sound euphony and/or rhapsody.
To kindle my spirit with all your love so that I can rejuvenate all despondent souls.
To awaken my senses so that I can always appreciate the beautiful,the kind,the nice,the truth,the admirable,the eternal and the pure ,in 'everything' and in 'nothing'.

I remember I have not yet written that I love you dearest Lord,always.With my soul always on knees before you,

Your beloved daughter,


  1. Amen.

    I know for sure he has been very kind to me. I am hoping for some more miracles in near future :).

  2. thank you for reading...god bless!

  3. अति प्रशंसनीय ।
    सौम्या , मेरी बेटी ! बहुत प्रतिभाशाली हो ।

  4. thank you so much uncle....god bless!

  5. This is the most supreme level of happiness one can achieve in life....nicely penned

  6. There is quite a bit I have to learn from you(r blog). May God bless you.. :)

  7. @prashant...thanks a lot!

    @divesh....that is an honour...thank you!...:)

  8. I have always felt God living inside me quietly and many a time around me.. and also in words the kind you write.. Saumya thanks for visiting me.. keep in touch.. and join me in Practicing Happiness.. 'If I were' is written very well.. wow! Blessings abound!

  9. thank you so much sir for being here...I'm glad you liked it.

  10. U communicate very well with HIM. Keep posting. Blessings.

  11. Heyy hi... devesh here...
    If u will write like dis... GOD sahi mai neeche aa jaynege yaar...
    U surely rock.. truly awesome and sensational blog post...
    keep on rockin', ms blogini..:P :)..
    Ur dear frnd..

  12. Thats the most beautiful letter I have ever read :)

  13. @harshad mehta sir...thank you for your kind words!

  14. @devesh...thanks for reading....and liking it soo much...:)

    @dipa....thanks...I'm obliged!..:)

  15. wow!! such a nice and beautiful letter!


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