Sunday, May 16, 2010


Their soul is always on knees for each other.Their heart beats in perfect resonance.Their breaths when assorted creates a divine rhythm.Their words for each other is but hymns and prayers and silence is just another symphony.Their 'oneness' is beyond humane expectations ,reality being more alluring than their dreams. They are more than just friends,they are more than just lovers......

The feeling of being together always reflects in their eyes.The unadulterated ,pure pearls(which confine within the corners of their eyes) beckons  the sheer happiness of their conjunction.It is so a crystal clear that they could see through the other's heart.Their soul ,draped in rainbow ,disperses all colors of love.The way they adore,the way they hold,the way they touch,the way they look,the way they love,the way they care,the way they respect,the way they trust,the way they all pre-eminent ,incomparable and inimitable.
Their love was not the love at first sight or a thing called infatuation. It was neither a choice,a want,a need or a desire nor a contract ,a deal or a compulsion.But.....It was something destined,revered blessedness ,serendipity ,beauty in its purest form.'The Divine Will' I call it.It was not that they were made for each other.But that they were always for each other and that is why they were made human to feel the warmth of their love at depths and breadths.

They oft say to each other the three miraculous words,if not through the lips then through the eyes.But more than that they whisper each other's name in their prayers and say to themselves.....

 "I care for him and I'll live for him ,always, for US."
 "I care for her and I'll live for her, always, for US."

Their story is unwritten.Infact it could not be written because their love is ineffable,limitless,beyond eternity,growing each day passing by that could not be woven into words..............They are true soulmates!!!If after the death of one you find the name of other engraved on the ashes,I hope you won't be amazed.

PS--I seriously don't know what it is.....fiction,philosophy or something very random.It is ideal,incomprehendible ....but I love perfection!!!
PS--I know it won't resemble anybody... no disclaimers.
PS--I'm done with 4th semester exams of Btech.. :)..If everything goes well I'd soon be a 50% EnGiNeeR.. :D
PS--Please leave your comments.Thank you!!!

~love and prayers     


  1. If everything goes well I'd soon be a 75% EnGiNeeR.. :D....n nothing goes wrong in NIT's....nice post

  2. yeah..actually...nothing goes wrong here..:)....thankyou for reading!!!

  3. I want to believe there are people who can identify with this. That makes me feel the world is a better place to live in.

    Congratulations for being half way through..

  4. Nice post & congratulation too.

  5. @Divesh...yeah you can definitely hope....thankyou for reading!!!

  6. @anand....thank you so much!!!

  7. I loved the perfection too and becoz of that perfection,I think its a fiction :P :)

    You got a nice blog out here..
    And we have the same template ..liked it :))

  8. @dipa....thank you so much for being here....I'm obliged!!!

  9. Hello Saumya,

    Nicely written...

    "They are more than just friends,they are more than just lovers......"

    And, 50% engineer :) Congrats!


  10. very well written saumya....
    i do believe in those soulmates types of things....
    and 50 % engineer congrats...
    and i m going to be 100 % engineer in few dayz.....

  11. Its beautifull...I like it too much..Congts !!

    U r most welcome on my blog.

  12. thankyou so much dimpy,shekhar n akshita....god bless all!!!


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