Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That little kindness!

During life’s expedition there are a myriad of things you tend to forget. One such thing is - those small nameless acts of kindness you do or a little generosity unknowingly exhibited by you. For instance offering hope to someone, or inspiring somebody or may be just making a child smile or by just being there. These things at times could not manage to find a space for themselves in your brain box. They are nowhere accounted in your diaries nor are they captured in cameras. But they have nonetheless existed, you have acted that way. They are much like those silken threads that impalpably strengthen not only your own persona but also the roots of the universe as a whole. They are all worthwhile in the end. Your name is carved in the heart of one who got helped. You are remembered even when forget-me-nots have withered.

That forgotten,unremembered little kindness blossoming in the cosmos, isin't it the best portion of a good man's life?


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