Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My sorrows are all mine alone...

You share your happinesses with me,
I'll augment it manifold
You reel off your pain
I'll try to lessen the cold.

I'll also share my joys with you
If you do not at all mind,
but my sorrows are all mine alone
'un-said' and perhaps 'un-confined' !


  1. @Rajat:condition??...couldn't get you!!!

  2. You cannot expect someone to "reel off their pain" if you keep your sorrows to yourself.

  3. @Divesh: what if I never let them know that I'm sad...and they can never make out that I'm in pain!!!

  4. not humanly possible.. they who care will know.

  5. I have to think many times before write anything on "MY LITTLE WORLD". Many times your post demands a lot of thinking from my side.

    Now this time I'd like to say that everything depends on person to person. This is my opinion.
    I may be wrong.

    Well ..Congrats on your nice work(This post).

  6. Divesh said it,

    this is not love, neither it is companionship. But isn't it what we all do? keep the pain hidden, share all the joys and expect our beloved to share their pains with us. Unfair, but still.

  7. hey
    its should be like this
    u must also be honest to share

  8. i would say its completely justified to keep ur pains your own.....isn't it? only joys should be shared no pains........

  9. @Divesh:yeah...but not everyone cares,no?....anyways..I do this(i.e hide my pain) I have to disagree you!

  10. @Blasphemous Aesthete :first thing is that the 'you' above can be anyone -friends,relatives etc etc...and second thing is that I don't expect 'you' to reel off his/her pain...but if he/she does...I'll definitely try to console!

  11. @Virendra ji:'s my own way...thank you for the read!

  12. ya sometimes itz difficult to decide whether we should share our pain with somebody or not....
    and itz also difficult to choose that somebody.....
    but as divesh said they will know who really care 4 you..
    nice poem..keep writing..
    मेरे ब्लॉग पर इस बार धर्मवीर भारती की एक रचना...
    जरूर आएँ.....

  13. fair enough! i agree...the pain is not required to b shared .y? d very simple idea is: this is my pain..n i CAN deal wid it! i dont need a helping hand!
    loved the poetry for the sheer idea of self- belief n independence! good work!

  14. Its better to hide your one wants to b surrounded by sad faces... very beautiful poem...

  15. condition: but my sorrows are all mine alone
    'un-said' and perhaps 'un-confined'.. why don't we share our sorrows and joys as well

  16. @Maverick: thank you for understanding :)


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