Saturday, September 11, 2010

My List

There are so many things we wanna do in life but could not always. The academic pressures,shortage of time,deadlines of other 'important stuffs',elders restrictions,social constrictions,circumstances,responsibilities and at times our own fear,laziness or even our mood ,prohibit us to do so.But fortunately or unfortunately we all have just one 'LIFE' to live on.

.......................... And so I'm very much keen to execute "My List" before I take my last breaths on this planet.

Here it goes............

  • Do my masters 
  • Get a good job
  • Travel as much as possible-both India and Abroad 
  • Learn Swimming 
  • Learn  Skating
  • Donate blood
  • Save someone's life
  • Donate my eyes
  • Get one of my works published
  • Write a novel
  • Learn Guitar and Synthesizer

  • Work and run a charity organization
  • Go for Mountaineering,preferably Everest  
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Learn to cook some good stuff ,esp cakes n cookies 
  • Learn German and Spanish
  • Travel in a Ship
  • Inspire someone to success
  • Make a difference in someone's life
  • Go for a week long trip with friends 
  • Fight for a genuine social cause
  • Own my own personal library 
  • Read as many good books as possible
    • Learn Dancing(salsa or belly dancing) 
    • Sing in public 
    • Have a pair of rabbits  
      • Own a latest camera
      • Do some good Photography
      • Paint on canvas
      • Own a Telescope 
        • Go on an African Safari
        • Practice Driving Car(which I learnt once)
        • Do river rafting 
        • Own a house of my dreams
        • Have my own garden with a big fountain 
        • Go to the top of Eiffel Tower 
        • Ride on a hot air balloon
        • Watch a cricket/football match in stadium
        • Live in another country for atleast an year 
        • Go for a long long drive in an open-top car
        • Get married to guy of my dreams and have a happy family with him
        • Leave this world a bit better      

          PS: This is all I could think of now.The list is subjected to upgradation.
          PS:I was a little occupied these days.But now I'll blog on a regular basis and will very soon visit you guys.

          ~love and prayers


            1. Ha ha.
              I liked this one....
              Hope God grants you your true wishes....

            2. भगवान् करें तुम्हारी सारी इच्छाएँ
              पूरी हों .
              उत्तम आलेख ......
              आभार .....

            3. My list would be just as long good luck! tell us about your progress

            4. best of luck for your list....
              hope u'll fulfill your all desires.....
              best of luck.....

            5. @Virendra ji: thank you so much!

            6. collection! reminds me the wonderful movie...BUCKET LIST! yeah! there r so many thngs to do n we often complain i m bored! nothing to do..etc etc!i hope many of us like me finds a meaning in d post n starts doing somethng we really wantd to do in r life!! All d best!i hope u ll b able to cover most of the thngs in the list ,if not all!

            7. @Maverick: thank you so much :)


            I care for your views...