Thursday, June 24, 2010

'First' Trivia

Hello All,
The first things in life are always special .They are always cherished by the immortal part of our memory.Their excitement lingers somewhere deep within the soul.So down the memory lane I'm listing here a few.Happy Reading.
  • 1st Day of the Year-New year,New resolutions
  • 1st Birthday Wish  
  • 1st Gift by a Dear Friend
  • 1st Day at School
  • 1st Rank in class for the 1st time-I never got :(
  • 1st Best friend 
  • 1st Performance at Stage
  • 1st Award/Appreciation
  • 1st Exam of 1st Boards-Darr ke aage jeet hai :)
  • 1st Morning Tea-Ah!
  • 1st Outing with Friends :)
  • 1st Day 1st  Show of a Movie-Ever watched?. 
  • 1st Crush-Innocence at it's peak :P
  • 1st Love -Any Memories? :P
  • 1st Year of College-Unforgettable!
  • 1st Niteout :D
  • 1st Massbunk :D
  • 1st Degree
  • 1st Rain of Monsoons-Divine Rhythm.
  • 1st Day in Office
  • 1st Salary-Sheer Pride!
  • 1st Date with Fiance/Fiancee
  • 1st Kid
 and last but not the least
  • 1st Blog post/1st Comment/1st Follower :)
PS:You can further add to the 'First Trivia'  in the comments below. :)
PS:Thank you for all of your valuable comments.Keep reading.


  1. yes, indeed they are... and the challenge is to keep finding new "firsts" as you grow up..

  2. Yeah...its something!..
    The first step is always a greatest
    One small step...a giant leap in that direction!

  3. Dear Soumya,
    Good Evening!
    And so many more firsts to be included!:)
    But then list is yours at your space!
    Hey,that butterfly in the previous post is simply beautiful!I love butterflies and flowers!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  4. Wow...haha...very nice and so sweet of you..:)

    first is what makes life sooooooo exciting..:)
    i too cherish it alot..:)

    Thank youu..:) i must say, the last line was the best..:)

  5. Yes we do remember the firsts and your post made me think about my answers to these first trivia.

    Another perspective is that seldom do we remember the one that lasts longer until it is lost. :)

  6. @Readers Dais :very true!..thank you for being here.

  7. @Divesh:rightly said...thanks!

  8. @Sorcerer:truly so...thanks!

  9. @Anupama: yeah I know a lot many more 'firsts' can be included...I just wrote whatever came to my mind instantaneously...thanks a lot for being here.

  10. @Being Pramoda: thank you so much ma'am...I too agree the last line is certainly the best for us bloggers...:)

  11. Hey, really nice and fun post Saumya!! Love the idea :) Please check my new blog post, there's a gift for you in it :) Cheers!

  12. Bilkul Sahi farmaaya hai aapne...... Lekin kuch bhool bhi jaate hain.

  13. @Venice :thank you soo much...I'm really honoured!

  14. @Virendra singh ji: thanks a lot....yeah few people forget!


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