Thursday, May 9, 2013


I really really dislike stereotypes.When each of an individual is unique what's the point of generalizing something as girly or manly. Girls can love sports and Guys can like chocolates.What's the big deal?It literally frustrates me on being classified based on gender.I saw this post on a blog and thought of doing the same.

So here I am : Un-stereotyped! Read on!!

1.My favorite color is Blue and a shade of Red best suits me.Pink is nowhere in the picture.

2.I absolutely love Cricket.Yeah,I do.Back at home,I used to sit glued to the TV with my brother,father and grand-father and clapped for every boundary Sachin scored and criticized Nehra for every run he gave.I have my own superstitions for the game too.I still cherish the World-Cup-Winning moment when Sachin and Yuvi cried and I had tears in my eyes too!

3.I am NOT scared of lizards and cockroaches.Yes,I don't go eeeewwww or aaaaaahhh on espying them.Unlike many others,I never freak out when they come around. Khaa thodi jaayenge!!

4.I love Driving and I'm very passionate about it. Four-wheeler,I still have to get hands on,but with my Two-wheeler I have already done a lot of dhoom dhadaka. I loveeeeee speed and have a good enough direction-sense which many don't have :P

5.I say NO to TATOOS. God I hate them.I mean seriously.What's the point of ruining your simple self for a filthy form of art?Tch!

6.I don't keep long nails ,neither do I apply nailpaints. Similarly I never put on jewelry - matching earrings,rings,chains,necklaces-that's not my cup of tea unless the occasion is really really big and gaudy.I just do not like those cumbersome constrictions!I prefer simple and sober!

7.I am a big tea lover as opposite to many girls.A cup of ginger tea with a newspaper in the morning and with a TV remote in the night was my daily routine at home.Quite manly?

8.I don't get angry that quick,but once I get, its really really tough to manaao-ing me. Bhayankar gussa aata hai......uske baad mei apne aap ki bhi nai sunti!!!! (Janhit mei jaari :P)

9.I love horror,adventure,action,mafia-all types of movies and not just romantic ones. It's the plot and story that matters to me.

10.I love spending time alone and cannot talk too much in general.Women are supposed to be good with words and articulate, but that beats me.I am more of a listener than a gossip-girl.

11. I am better at repairing sockets/burnt wires and changing tube-lights bulbs/fuse than at embroidery and tailoring. Haanjiii!!

12. I never think before eating.If I like it,I'll have it-be it chocolates,cheese or chaat.

So here’s to the not-so-stereotypical,un-womanly me! :D :D
That's all I could think of now...there's lot more in my bucket list :) :)


  1. lot of things which even i have to clear to others around...yeah..everyone is unique...

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  9. Hell....what are these crappy comments on your absolutely wonderful post....wer r u sweetie...are u on facebook....i've been looking for u...Saanjh...remember???


  10. enjoy the festive season ahead..
    may you have a grace-filled Christmas and Happy New Year

  11. Hey...please write awesome stuff..

  12. Why have you stopped. Please come back


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